Joe Lubin Says Ethereum (ETH)

Joseph Lubin: Blockchain Will Be More Disruptive Than Dotcom Bubble

Joseph Lubin is the co-founder of the world's second-biggest blockchain Ethereum and ConsenSys, a company that recently opened an innovation studio in Dublin to build blockchain products. Mr. Lubin says the blockchain is becoming increasingly prevalent in the FinTech sector and we can think of it as “a next-generation database technology”.

To promote the new ConsenSys offices in Dublin, Lubin addressed the financial conference on Tuesday. He spoke about his interpretation of the future of blockchain. He told his audience:

“This technology is so profound, it’s going to do so many amazing things for economic, social, and political systems worldwide… We’ve really no concern that the ecosystem or the technology is in real danger.”

On ConsenSys' growing Irish operation, Mr. Lubin said the company is quickly boosting its staff levels – it has 20 employees here at the moment – and it has put together the Blockchain Ireland website with IDA Ireland. Blockchain Ireland aims to position Ireland as a hub for blockchain technology.

Citing aspects of blockchain technology like P2P communication and Web 3.0, Lubin emphasized the ability for technologies like “ride-sharing [and] supply chain” to instead become open, versatile protocols, rather than the current state wherein markets are often dominated by overbearing and greedy corporations.

Lubin said that he felt that U.S. and Europe were some of the more ‘progressive’ and ‘constructive’ environments in terms of their approach to the blockchain technology. In his opinion, it’s the portrayal of regulators by the media that creates a view that the United States is not being recessive towards the technological innovation.

Lubin ended his presentation confidant that the adoption of blockchain technology would come swiftly, citing the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a coalition of 500+ corporations including Mastercard, Microsoft and Santander Bank.

Lubin is currently developing Ujo Music, an autonomous digital rights management network that would make copyright far more decentralized and transparent. He is long been involved with distributed technology like Ethereum, being one of its co-founders (along with Vitalik Buterin) and being the founder and owner of Consensys, arguably the most innovative blockchain corporation to date.

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