Ethereum’s Mobile OS Status Incubate Accepts CryptoStrikers Collectibles Trading Card Game

Becoming established in the crypto world is a matter of getting the right start. Status Incubate, an incubator developed by Ethereum, offers the chance for startups to get off on the right foot, though they have not yet setup their first startup until now. According to Ethereum’s mobile OS Status, CryptoStrikers will be the first startup with this chance.

CryptoStrikers is behind the development of a platform for sports fans, where they can exchange crypto cards for football stars, much like how Americans used to do with baseball cards before digital assets. This open-source project will also allow the participants to create games and related apps to these digital sports card trading interactions.

The CryptoStrikers platform is timed well with its release, considering that the 2018 World Cup is only days away. To capitalize on this time, the project has an agreement with Status Incubate to release 250 Premium Packs of their cards to the first participants to claim them. Each one of the packs will give the participant four cards.

Much of the goal of CryptoStrikers is to disrupt the collectibles market, providing digital sports cards that will allow them a web-oriented experience with trading. The reason that CryptoStrikers won out with their startup over others with Status Incubate is due to their expertise and clear vision. Gianni Setting, an engineer with CryptoStrikers, said,

“We’re really excited to see how the community responds to what we’ve built. Our illustrators have done a tremendous job with the player cards. The app is supported with some cool tech, with smart contracts governing all key interactions. Our hope is that this game brings together users and lets them experience the meaning of true digital ownership in a decentralized global ecosystem.”

At Status Incubator, a similar and positive sentiment was expressed by Ben Morris, who is the head of the company.

“One of the reasons why we’re so excited about its potential is how the team plans to use Ethereum to bring transparency to what has been an often-opaque market. In the current web, you’d been for that must-have Magic Johnson card up on eBay. Even if you won the auction, you’d never truly be certain about its authenticity or its provenance.”

Morris continues on to explain that there are no worries about the legitimacy of the sports cards that consumers get through CryptoStrikers. With this transparency, they present “a new paradigm in the crypto-collectibles space as well as Web3 generally.”

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