EtherFlip FLIP Coin ICO

Flip Ethereum into Million Dollar Tokens

In the world of crypto currency, things can be confusing – especially if the financial space is new to your portfolio. However, there is nothing confusing about a platform that is based around the trading of Ether, in other words ‘flipping crypto’. And, this same platform is said to double your Ether. That, is not confusing.

The way this is designed to work is that the company is using a system that is derived from the Oraclize API. This system, is said to give you better odds on the crypto market than the odds you would see at a ‘roulette table’. In simple terms your odds are around 49.2% of being a winner.

Flipping should mean, winning.

First things first, you need to be in the game. How are you going to win otherwise?

How Does EtherFlip FLIP Coin Work?

Using a small contract code, this is how EtherFlip makes things possible. One of the largest challenges with a platform like blockchain is that how does one create a true randomized selection? It is hard to say the least. However, this is exactly what EtherFlip was designed to do.

It was designed to being able to stack the odds in your favor and to some degree, gain control of the randomized process.

The byte was created by a verified member of the Oraclize Team. There is more about that on the API website should you want more information. In the meantime, what you should know is that this system works so that each transaction uses gas. In turn, resulting in a flip. The gas will then come out of the initial amount of Ether that was used to fund. It initially. This process happens through a rounded trip and way of verifying the random byte.

From here, this is where you are able to scale. Scaling is powerful because you are increasing investments into Ether through the winnings versus through your pocket.

When all is said and done, you are able to increase the investment, enhance the price of gas and have a fun time along the way.

Final Thoughts on the EtherFlip FLIP Coin ICO

Odds are great. And, are said to be the best in the industry. If you choose to use EtherFlip do yourself a favor though and never utilize the exchange wallets. It is here that if you use their wallets you won’t be able to attain any of the sponsored tokens that are referred to as the Million Dollar Tokens.

You want to be able to do that.

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