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Etherlambos is the first producer of digital high-end luxury vehicles on the Ethereum blockchain. Etherlambos users can trade, collect, and tune. Tuning will result in modification of appearance, engine capacity, or driving behavior. All Etherlambos are available in a limited edition.

Etherlambos Built On The Ethereum Blockchain is the worldwide first dealer of a limited number of digital high-end luxury vehicles on the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, Etherlambos are unique digital sports vehicles on the blockchain. As one of the world’s first crypto collectibles, users can own, collect, and transfer these scarce digital assets. However, that is not all: they have utilized smart contracts to enable owners of Etherlambos to modify and update all digital sports cars.

How Many Etherlambos Are Currently Available?

The platform is honored to offer seven unique Etherlambos currently, which all come in a limited edition. Once purchased, they are 100% owned by the customers and cannot be copied or destroyed. All Etherlambos are meant to become a valuable collectible commodity. Scarcity of each model is a production and design choice. Whether they will create and produce new models in the future depends on the market demand.

How To Purchase An Etherlambo?

To use EtherLambos, users have to install MetaMask, which is a digital wallet. Once you have the wallet, you will need to load it with money to make your first purchase. Note: A digital wallet such as MetaMask acts like a bank account—so, treat it with respect, and make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words.

What About Crypto Collectibles?

Crypto-assets come with superior features compared to offline collectibles. Cryptokitties, a successful blockchain-based game, confirmed this fact. While Cryptokitties was a fun attempt to offer modern consumer-oriented cryptographic token use, Etherlambos believe it is time to get serious and take the economics and valuation of digital assets seriously. Etherlambos is the move from store of value ideas to a collection of value concept that addresses the inherent desire of people to collect unique items of high value while being able to sell those items to others.

Create Your Own Luxury Vehicle With EtherLambos

Yes, it is possible upon request, to create your digital car. The developers will tailor individual vehicles to suit the desire of car enthusiasts. The model “X” (you may choose the name) will be designed based on the specifications and wishes of clients, who will benefit from premium tuning-options.

Etherlambos is a new platform that takes creativity to a completely new level. If you have been dreaming of owning a high-end sports car through the blockchain, then Etherlambos is the place to go. You can learn more about Etherlambos by visiting their website today.

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