What Is EtherLink?

Etherlink is an Ethereum-based lending project based on the ERC-20 standard. The platform aims to be the most secure and feature rich lending platform available, and has been built from the ground up to accommodate its user base.

As a lending project, Etherlink claims to have some of the best interest rates in the lending industry, with a minimum 1% daily rate of 45.5% on each loan.

The nature of the Etherlink platform makes it similar to high yield investment programs (HYIP) that have attracted controversy since their inception. It’s known that many HYIPs are scams, specifically Ponzi schemes that disappear with its investors’ money. For this reason, investors should tread with extreme caution before investing money into Etherlink, as there is always the risk of fraud or embezzlement.

EtherLink Features

In addition to its high interest rates, Etherlink also makes the process iof investing money into the platform easier with its Auto-Reinvest feature. The Auto-Reinvest allows people to automatically deposit their deposits back into the platform at compounding returns.

As an additional precaution, Etherlink has numerous security features that protect its investors’ money from going missing. These features include a signed security certificate that verifies the platform’s identity, a certificate of incorporation, and numerous testimonials that can be seen on the company’s homepage.

Etherlink Trading Exchange

The Etherlink provides the opportunity to list promising ICOs on the platform’s external exchange. The Etherlink Exchange comes with a raft of helpful features like no listing fees or commissions, which can help benefit platform owners and their startups.

Etherlink is one of the first platforms to allow for Ethereum staking with significant returns. It reportedly has some of the highest percentages in the industry, and is a safe and secure method to add to an investors’daily income via the Etherlink exchange.

EtherLink Ethereum Lending Interest Rates

As stated previously, Etherlink has a number of different lending interest rates that it offers to its users. These rates are automatically calculated by the principal investment and length of investment term.

  • $100.00-$999.99 – 1% to 5% – 120 days
  • $1,000.00-$14,999.99 – 1% to 5% + 0.10% bonus -100 days
  • $15,000.00 – $49,999.99 – 1% to 5% + 0.20% bonus – 80 days
  • $50,000.00 – $100,000.00 – 1% to 5% + 0.30% bonus -60 days

EtherLink Roadmap

Below is the roadmap for Etherlink that can be seen in its whitepaper and website. The roadmap outlines the anticipated milestones for this year and beyond.

  • November 2017 – start of the lend connect concept
  • December 2017 –ICO phase, sold 3 million tokens
  • January 2018 – Added 2FA, wallets and lending program
  • February 2018 – UI upgrades and rebranding
  • March 2018 – internal exchange launched
  • April 2018 – re-branding and launch to Etherlink

EtherLink Conclusion

Etherlink provides a novel way for startup owners to make the most of their investments by leveraging Ethereum for passive income. The Ethereum-staking model is new and innovative, although it still has some negative connotations of being seen as a Ponzi scheme by uninformed investors.

The whitepaper and token sale details can be read in the platform’s whitepaper, website and Telegram group.

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