EtherMinerz Review

You probably are here because you are in search of a legit investment opportunity. You can only make a wise decision when you are well informed. To be a successful investor, you need to get your hands dirty. Do lots of research and be patient, so that you end up with safe investment opportunities that will not vanish with your hard-earned cash.

What Is Etherminerz? offers huge return on investment to its clients. How do they do that? They claim to trade cryptocurrencies with the monies collected from investors thus they are able to pay out daily.

If looks like a scam to you, it’s because it’s actually one. The site barely has any useful information on what they invest in to be able to pay off investors such great profits every day.

These allegations of trading in cryptocurrencies has been a common claim nowadays by scammers, and we highly suspect this site is run by professional scammers. There are no names of the real owners of the site. This is a red flag for anyone who would want to put their money into it. What if the site went under with your money? How will you get it back?

Upon further probe into this company, we realized that it is not insured nor regulated.  What this means is that they do not follow any rules and regulations that normal investment companies should adhere to. Well, we need not tell you in black and white the risks of such a site!

Features And Plans

Anybody will find the interest rated offers by etherminerz irresistible.  But it will take a wiser person a minute to stop and give it an analytical thought. The firm promises its investors of a daily profit of 10.00%. These exaggerated rates are meant to hoodwink naïve and lazy people who think they can become rich overnight. Surely, it doesn’t seem real!

The minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC. The firm only processes deposits via Bitcoin. Regarding withdrawals, they are instant, however, we do not know whether they are paid out in bitcoin or Ethereum.

Apart from investment, the firm has a referral program that rewards you 5% once someone joins under you.

Is It Worth Investing In EtherMinerz?

The glaring truth about this website is quite open, the real owners of the site identities are hidden. One would wonder why they have hidden their identities if truly the site does not want to scam people. We could not even establish the company’s headquarters, or they were just in a hurry to con people? All the same, these clear signs do not sit well.

If the company claims to trade in cryptocurrencies, why haven’t they showed proof of their trading history on their website?

Their daily payouts are so promising one would wonder why they still want another person’s money! We feel that EtherMinerz is an outright scam. Do not let yourself get lured into this trap.

NB: At the time of this review, it seems we could not even log into their site. We suspect they probably have gone under with investors’ money?

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