Ethereum’s smart contracts have been a blessing to small startups with interest in using the free, decentralized blockchain to exchange shares, money, and property. One such startup is Etherniton.

Etherniton (pronounced ether-nee-taun) is a payment platform that runs on Ethereum’s smart contracts blockchain where people can exchange cryptocurrencies.

Transactions on Etherniton are decentralized and peer-to-peer. Because of this, they are anonymous and transparent at the same time. However, the number of coins transacted is limited.

Why Etherniton Crypto Communication Monetizing?

Communication and financial transaction systems have undergone a quick evolution since the introduction of the smartphone. Messaging apps for user-to-user text, video, and live chats are preferred as the primary mode of online communication over social media. Etherniton brings cheap and reliable payment system to traditional messaging apps.

Etherniton is not only a platform to transact cryptocurrencies, but also to make more. You can use it to make money offline while using your device to text and call.

The creators of Etherniton describe it as a service platform for digital payments that online shoppers and businesses transacting in goods and services can use. China’s WeChat is a successful example of a successful digital payment system Etherniton hopes to become.

There is no better time to jump on to the expanding chat messaging and use them for sustainable monetization. This is because chat apps are moving away from being just person-to-person messaging to become platforms for content and money transfer.

Etherniton ENN ICO Details

Just like any other cryptocurrency platform, Etherniton will need the support of the community in different ways to grow. The company will raise funds in an ICO and directly from investors to fund the platform development and projects. Making a financial contribution to the development platform during the crowdsale ICO is almost guaranteed to multiply the value of the investment in a short time.

To participate in Etherniton’s upcoming crowdsale ICO, just sign up directly or on the site or use a sponsor affiliate link. You can then deposit currency in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and start transacting.

Earning With Etherniton

As an Etherniton investor, your deposits will naturally appreciate in value with time whether you use it or not. There are three ways investors can earn more in the ever-growing market cryptocurrencies:

  • Lending funds
  • Staking
  • Trading

Considering that the personalized payment system is integrated into the messaging culture of the people, it provides easy access to funds and is promising to be a highly valued platform to invest in.

The cryptocurrency market on messaging apps is the future of personal and business transactions.

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