What is Ethero.Net?

Ethero.Net is a cloud based Ethereum mining website. It uses simplified methods for those users who are not tech experts. But are interested in earning money through cryptocurrency mining.

How Does Ethero Work?

Ethero uses an almost video game-like program to mine Ethereum. You don’t need high-end, expensive graphics cards, or other components to mine in this website. All the work is done in its cloud based servers.

Ethero.Net has “miners” that “mine” for Etherium. You have to buy “miners” using Ethereum from your Cryptocurrency wallet.

There are a few different types of “miners” that produce “minerals” for a set amount of time.

Types of Miners

There are five types of miners that you have to buy. They are:

The Coal Miner:

The coal miners produce 1 kg of coal everyday. This is equivalent to 0.001 Ethereum every day. This means that a coal miner will give you 0.03 Ethereum every month. They work for a month. Then you have to purchase them again using Ethereum from your Cryptocurrency wallet. You have to buy them for 0.025 Ethereum. You can have a profit of 0.005 Ethereum every month.

The Bronze Miner:

The Bronze miners make 1 kg bronze every day. This is equal to 0.0021 Ethereum daily. They cost 0.05 Ethereum. You have to buy them again after a month has passed. This means that you will be making 0.063 Ethereum a month. And a profit of 0.013 Ethereum every month.

The Silver Miner:

Next up is the silver miner. They cost 0.075 Ethereum to buy and they last for a month. They process 1 kg of silver every day. 1 kg of silver is identical to 0.00325 Ethereum. Therefore, they produce 0.0975 Ethereum at the end of a month. You will have a surplus of 0.0225 Ethereum after a month.

The Gold Miner:

Gold miners make 1 kg of gold daily. This is equal to 0.0044 Ethereum generated every day. They also work for one month and they cost 0.1 Ethereum to purchase. They will make 0.132 Ethereum every month. Leaving a surplus of 0.032 Ethereum every month.

Diamond Miner:

The diamond miner is the last type of miner, producing the most expensive mineral of all, Diamonds!

They are quite tricky. You will have to be a Golden member to buy these miners. After becoming a Golden member, they will cost between 0.35 to – 3.15 Ethereum and they will work forever. They will all produce 1 kg of diamonds for 10 days. Which is equal to 0.049 Ethereum everyday, and hence, 0.49 Ethereum in profits for the first 10 days.

After that, based on the price of the miner that you bought it with, it will produce upto 3 kg of Ethereum every month. This means a maximum of 4.41 Ethereum every month.

You can buy upto 20 miners to work for you every month.

The Jewelry Store

The jewelry store is an additional system of Ethereum mining that is separate from the “miners” mentioned earlier. The Jewelry Store costs 2.4 Ethereum to open and is open forever once you buy it.

Once you open the Jewelry Store, you will get one “jeweler” to work for you. Here, you will have to hire a “Jeweler”. Each jeweler costs 2.4 Ethereum to hire. You can hire a maximum of 10 jewelers every month. They will stop working after a month has passed.

Each jeweler will produce 1 jewelry every day, which is the same as 0.1 Ethereum. Therefore, with one jeweler, you can make upto 3 Ethereum every month. Subtracting the cost of a jeweler with the Ethereum produced, gives a profit of 0.6 Ethereum every month.

Registration Information

To register, you need to enter your real name, your username, E-mail address and make a password.

To enter and use the “mine”, you will have to view at least 4 advertisements.

Ethero.Net’s Minimum Cash-out

When the amount in your safe reaches a minimum of 0.02 Ethereum, you may cash-out.

Payment Information

All cash-outs are instant. You will receive your hard earned money within a few minutes.

Referral System

Ethero.Net pays a certain amount of Ethereum for every person that signs in and refers to you. Referral commissions are different for different types of users.

Is Ethero.Net Safe?

Although I cannot vouch for Ethero’s authenticity. It does have a “Payment” page where they show the most recent payments they have made and the name of the user they have made it to.

For example, Ethero has paid the user “Meller”, 1.22015000 Ethereum.

Ethero.Net is a convenient way for users with normal computers to mine Ethereum. However, you will have to invest real Ethereum and you may make a small amount of profit every month.

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