Etheroji is a new site where you can buy and sell emojis for your website. You can basically put the emoji anywhere you want and then if someone buys your emoji you get back what you spent for it plus 20%. The system is powered by Ether and Smart Contracts.

What is Etheroji?

Etheroji is said to be a fun new way to share Emojis and make money while doing so. It’s done strictly through cryptocurrency as well. And is based around making ether. From what I can see, emojis can get really expensive if they become popular and are being sold on a regular basis. They have every emoji you can think of and it also becomes like a type of game almost.

How Does Etheroji Work?

The system is very easy to understand. It’s like no other platform on the market. And it is a nice change from other crypto based websites and companies. If it will actually work, is what needs to be seen next.

Not sure how you can own an emoji, but it seams that they are making it work as of now. I don’t think you own the emoji itself or the rights, its more just for the purpose of the game and website.

  • Explore – The first step is to get into the world of emojis. Once you enter the world, you’ll start to see different results than ever before.
  • Share – You can then share your emojis. It’s like a game, you share the site, then they guess what emoji belongs to you.
  • Buy – You choose your emoji first, then link it where you want to You can put it on your website, your company or come up with some other fun idea to share it with the world.
  • Profit – If someone comes and decides they want to buy your emoji, then you instantly make back what you spent. Plus, you get an additional 20% and the price of the emoji doubles every time. As said before, they are powered by smart contracts.

As you can see, they keep it relatively simple. Simplicity is usually the best way to keep things running smoothly. This seams to be one of the more innovative ideas focused in the crypto space. If you’re looking for a new way to make more money with Ether, then check out

What is the ICO on Ehteroji?

At this point it’s still very new. The total ether sold so far is only about 0.26. But with time it’s sure to rise. The price will change depending on the emoji and how many times it’s been sold.

Etheroji Conclusion

If you’re into cryptocurrency and looking for another way to profit from it, then Etheroji is an ideal site for you. Not only that, but it seams to be more like a game that you can profit from and have fun with your friends with. To learn more about the platform, go to and you can learn more about it today.

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