Etherparty to Integrate the Qtum Blockchain into the Rocket Crowdsale Platform

Etherparty to Integrate the Qtum Blockchain into the Rocket Crowdsale Platform

Etherparty, a blockchain technology firm, recently declared its intentions to work with Qtum, a Singaporean Proof-of-Stake distributed ledger and smart contract platform. Precisely, the Etherparty development team is presently creating a mechanism that will facilitate the seamless integration of its Rocket solution on the Qtum network. After the incorporation of Rocket, it will be significantly easier to tokenize and launch crowdfunding contracts on the Qtum network.

The rocket solution was inaugurate in July by Etherparty. It is blockchain agnostic, meaning that its user have the freedom of using multiple blockchain networks simultaneously. Regarding the partnership, Etherparty founder, Lisa Cheng, said that the two entities will work together to promote the universal accessibility of smart contract technology. She added that Qtum will be integrated besides Ethereum and Rootstock, blockchains that are already built in to the Rocket solution. As a result, users can opt between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks when planning their crowdsales.

Qtum is a blockchain network that leverages the abilities of the Unspent Transaction Output model (UTXO). UTXO has an account abstraction layer that allows several virtual machines to operate concurrently. Besides, the network runs on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

The code of the Qtum smart contracts is written in Solidity and is run using the integrated Ethereum Virtual Machine. The primary objective of the Qtum blockchain is to bridge the gap between the blockchain and business worlds through the promotion of smart contract technology.

On the other hand, Rocket is an easy-to-use crowdsale creation platform that helps blockchain startups to raise capital for their projects. The solution offers a simplified guideline on how to effectively conduct token sales, coupled up with first-rate customer support. Moreover, Rocket also tracks the progress of token sales and issues further recommendations if the need arises.

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