What Is Ethersoft?

Ethersoft is a crypto mining company that operates out of South Yorkshire, UK. The company has been offering crypto mining service for ETH and Bitcoin for the last one year. Thus far, they have been quite successful. They are now seeking to expand their horizons by launching an ICO and launching the Industria token, which will be an ERC20 standard token.

The team behind this project has been working to build the Ethersoft brand for quite a while now. They are a transparent company, which encourages all clients to come see their work and meet the team. As part of the brand building, they conducted a major media campaign in South Yorkshire, which has proven quite a success. To ensure the Industria token succeeds, they have created a committed team to handle the launch.

The Ethersoft Vision

Ethersoft believes that renewable energy can be turned into crypto via mining. Mining crypto can be quite profitable if done on a large scale. This is essentially the process of turning electric power into a digital asset. In the modern world, mining occurs on a global scale. What this project will offer is an eco-friendly way to mine crypto.

Ethersoft Crypto Mining Technology

The technology they will use has already been proven to work. Not only in mining digital currency eco-friendly, it is also quite profitable. Ethersoft will use their extensive experience to mine profitable digital coins using renewable power. In order to decide what other crypto to mine, the company will utilize a special algorithm. This will help them pick the most profitable crypto at the time.

Ethersoft will also be quite flexible on the mining pool it utilizes. Since they will be utilizing green energy, they will make some huge savings. The money they save is going to be passed on to miners, making Ethersoft quite profitable.

How Industria Token Will Succeed

For an ICO to succeed there needs to be a working ecosystem in place. This way, the tokens from the ICO can be utilized to power the ecosystem. This ensures that the token has tangible value.

The people that take part in the ecosystem usually determine the value of tokens. Besides that, those outside the ecosystem that agree to use the token for trade, determine its value. This creates demand, which gives the token value.

Ethersoft is confident the token will succeed since they have an existing ecosystem. The Industria token can thus be thought of as a collateralized token. This means the token has been secured with real assets such as mining rigs, the digital assets, building, the green energy equipment and much more. This gives the token real-world value.

Within the Ethersoft ecosystem, the token will be used as a currency. It will be used to buy mining packages, merchant accounts, and exchange services. For clients to access the services offered by Ethersoft, they would first need to purchase the Industria tokens.

Ethersoft Industria Token ICO Details

Pre-ICO Details

  • Total Tokens: 100,000,000
  • Pre-Sale Forecast: £ 18, 000,000
  • Pre-sale Start Date: April 23, 2018
  • Price: 1 IND = 0.0075 ETH
  • Pre-sale cap: 180,000

Main ICO Details

  • ICO start date: May 23
  • Week 1 discount- 20%
  • Week 2 discount- 15%
  • Week 3 discount- 10%
  • Week discount- 5%
  • ICO token cap: 25,000,000 IND

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