What Is EtherSpin?

Currently, the global gambling industry is experiencing rapid evolution that requires flexible operational structures to accommodate all stakeholders. EtherSpin comes to fill the gap of universal casino accessibility without the requirement of signing up. The platform is a blockchain enabled Cryptocurrency casino with the support of all types of Cryptocurrencies. It also has standardized security measures in place to enhance privacy and transparency in all transactions.

How EtherSpin Blockchain Crypto Gambling Network Works

According to the developers of this digital platform, the use of the powerful blockchain technology comes as a deliberate move to enhance user security and retain integrity at various levels of the transaction. All players from across the globe will have equal opportunities to participate in the ecosystem activities as well as open access the progress of bets without limitations. Through this, the platform aims at promoting the aspect of total transparency lacking in the present centralized structures.

Users can gain access to more advantages through the purchase of the EtherSpin token (SPIN).The token which is an ERC-20 compatible is built on the Ethureum network and are on a limited supply only during the ICO phase. After the expert of the period, the tokens will no longer be available for purchase.

With the tokens, users gain from dividend payouts on in-house profits, which will depend on the number of token one owns and voting rights on important decisions such as; feature developments and alteration of the present on platform features. The benefits also spread to trading activities through Cryptocurrency exchanges and selling to other users on the platform.

The location of tokens stands at 10,000,000 with a soft cap of 1,000,000 tokens. The ICO is set to be made public on 24th, March 2018.

EtherSpin Benefits

If you decide to be part of this platform, you stand to gain from the access flexibility features from all over the globe and without any time constraints. Therefore, you can still participate in case you tend to travel often. Also, the betting process is more straightforward as there is no much protocol to follow, hence saving you on time while you gain from quality service delivery.

Furthermore, the platform promises to be fair in all transactions with random number generation set at a fair level. The time set on games is also reasonable and faster, thus reliable with multiple operations on a daily basis. To top of that, the developers are working on introducing more games and cryptocurrencies on board for the benefit of all users.

Since the platform supports multiple Cryptocurrencies, it’s ideal for account holders with numerous Cryptocurrency accounts without a necessary focus on Bitcoin or Ethereum. As a result, it’s set to cover the broader left out fans of the gambling industry that always get left out of gaming because of Crypto restrictions.

EtherSpin Cons

While the platform brings solutions to some of the significant problems facing the current casino sector, it also comes with its share of challenges. For instance, being an open, decentralized platform for everyone (with or without signing up), the security of all transactions cannot be a guarantee.

If other decentralized and quite restrictive Cryptocurrency platforms still face the issues of hacking, how about this one? Therefore, as much as you are getting excited about the idea, you shouldn’t forget to take necessary precautions, especially with your details.

EtherSpin SPIN ICO Details

The SPIN is an ERC-20 compatible token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The EtherSpin ICO started on March 24th and will conclude on April 23rd.

EtherSpin Conclusion

The implementation of the EtherSpin ICO promises, stand to stir the Cryptocurrency casino industry in a new direction. With the flexibility of all types of Crypto use in place, it would surely attract more people. However, the site still lacks more participation information that could be useful to beginners.

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