EtherSport, a decentralized sports gambling platform, has declared its ICO effort to launch on November 13th. The Business is raising capital through the ESC market, so as to create an innovative and transparent betting platform on sports events by implementing Ethereum smart contracts.

What Is EtherSport?

EtherSport's lottery, contrary to a lot of similar services, is not based on imagining random amounts, but entails the exact determination of sport events outcomes, which cannot be influenced by anyone. This means that players can leverage their own analytic abilities to generate immense profits. By using this specific lottery kind, players don’t only guess that the game outcomes by using their knowledge, but also get an additional kick, by viewing the events themselves, and supporting their preferred teams.

EtherSport provides two chief vehicles for participation; “Lottery 11”, an advanced online sports lottery stage, and also an analogue of a P2P betting exchange with one-on-one and one-against-all stakes. This will offer a great amount of product diversification, opening up earnings streams and obtaining different market sections.

The lottery mechanism is handled via the Ethereum Smart Contract process, which affords participants entirely fair and transparent benefits, which avoids unnecessary risks and scams. The usage of smart-contracts also ensures transparent and immediate payment, eliminating hidden fees. Security and anonymity are also guaranteed via the use of the Blockchain, making EtherSport among the very fair and secure platforms later on.

How EtherSport Works

“We made a decision to make a perfect match between traditional online sports betting and cutting-edge technologies, specifically, blockchain and intelligent contracts, to ensure the fairness and full transparency of this procedure,” says Alex Tsymbal, CEO and Co-Founder of EtherSport. “The system provides equality for each participant in the system, and smart contracts ensure the satisfaction of all conditions and payouts.”

The platform also guarantees unlimited winnings, with no limitations on betting amounts. Quick withdrawals, compact and effortless registration with minimal personal information, and data about users will avoid third-parties. EtherSport additionally guarantees ease-of-play, with its simple lottery system.

EtherSport will start its Lottery 11 for testing late into Q1 of 2018. This will allow for preliminary, unsimulated testing. Soon after this, Lottery 11 will be published entirely, allowing users to bet ESC tokens on events. By Q2 2018, P2P betting will be permitted, whereby players can bet against each other.

EtherSport ICO

To raise funds for the ongoing evolution of the platform and project, EtherSport will subject its native ERC20 Ethereum-based token – EtherSportCoin (ESC). ESC tokens may be used inside the platform to buy the lottery tickets, as a means to earn (15% of the money raised from every lottery), or as a speculative commodity to trade on major exchanges.

100,000,000 ESC tokens will be created, with 70% of these being distributed over the pre-ICO period (November 13th to November 19th) and the main ICO (November 20th to December 20th).

The EtherSport group has years of experience in the lottery and bookmaker industries. The project's developers were among the pioneers concerning working with the blockchain and smart contracts.

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