Etherty ETY ICO Review

If you are looking for new investments, we have good news for you. Today we are going to review a new possible investment for you, a new blockchain company called Etherty.

What is Etherty?

With the rise of the usage of cryptocurrencies, a new trend is getting more common: the tokenization of real life assets like real estate or art objects. Etherty is a new blockchain and cryptocurrency company which has decided to follow the trend is selling tokenized real estate. You buy the tokens and they will have value for real estate properties.

The idea behind Etherty is to sell “tokens that are properties”. This is a company which sells Ethereum-based tokens that can be exchanged for real estate across the world (Etherty currently works in 3 different continents: America, Europe and Asia).

Etherity can be an easy way to acquire real estate property without having to worry too much. You just acquire digital tokens that will give you ownership of a property.

The company was created by a very experienced team: Murtaza Khan, Adnan Naeem and their advisors.

How Does Etherty Work?

The system will work in a very simple way, so nobody will actually have any problems with the system. First, if you own a property, you can list it online in the platform and then people from all over the world will be able to see it and buy it. You will also be able to put on the list a real estate property that you are currently building.

People will be able to buy shares of your properties in a crowdsale made by the company. This can help you to find potential buyers from all over the world for your property. What does this mean? It means that, for one side, you can find people who are willing to fund your construction by buying tokens and, if you buy the tokens, you will own the state.

Owning a part of the estate means that you will be able to receive money when it is sold and that you will be able to use it if you hold the majority of the tokens.

You will also be able to trade your property for proprieties all over the world and to access a property investors network in which you will be able to share tips and talk with investors.

This product will be launched at the end of 2018.

How to Invest in Etherty ETY?

If you are willing to invest in tokenized real estate properties, you should buy the tokens of the company. The pre-sale is online right now, so you can buy them at this minute if you want. Participating in the Initial Coin Offering during the pre-sale will give you a bonus of 30% of the price of the tokens. The main sale will not have the same discounts, so buy them now if you really want them.

The pre-sale will last until March 8 and then the main sale will begin on March 15 and it will last until April 30. The discounts during the main sale will go from 20% to 0%, so you should buy them quickly to pay less.

The company accepts BTC, BTC and fiat currently sent by bank transfer (but not credit cards) to buy the tokens.

The Etherty ETY ICO Verdict

If you liked Etherty, and you are in doubt if you should invest in this company, don’t be afraid, we will answer it for you. On one hand, Etherty looks like a great investment, but you also have to know that the company lacks some information about how this market will actually be.

So, you will have to weight the fact that you can invest in this company paying less right now with the fact that you should really be well informed about this company before you invest in it.

In the end, it is really up to you, but we have to warn against investing in this company before you can be 100% sure that it is worth investing.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $142.5B $8,040.8207 -0.04% $4.78B
ETH $26.68B $251.1290 0.03% $2.05B
XRP $16.23B $0.3855 -0.51% $373.05M
BCH $7.17B $402.7141 -2.49% $241.23M
LTC $6.38B $103.0266 1.97% $909.26M
EOS $5.82B $6.3752 -1.37% $534.02M
BNB $4.89B $34.6255 0.80% $361.65M
USDT $3.07B $1.0042 0.13% $4.42B
XLM $2.41B $0.1249 -1.41% $39.35M
ADA $2.09B $0.0805 -1.33% $41.22M

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