Connecting investors and small producers is one of the ways to boost business. Small business owners need funds to facilitate their growth, and investors need the best ventures to invest their money. Therefore, it is important for both parties to find a platform where they can connect with each other. One such platform is Ethic Hub ( This is a website that is fast growing in popularity, and promises to change the way people do business. To understand what this platform is all about, read on.

What Is EthicHub?

This is the go-to crowdfunding website for small producers that are looking for financial services. They can find credits at low interest rates from the many investors that are ready to help them. On the other hand, investors that are seeking for positive profits can find it right here. What the website does is to give them access to some of the highest impact projects.

By universalizing access to various forms of credit, the website ensures that everyone has access to the best investment opportunities. What happens is that repayments are rated so that trust is built. Trust is determined through the rating of both the borrowers and local node. The platform also focuses on improving efficiency and transparency. To achieve this, intermediaries are eliminated, and only projects with positive impact and high profits are recommended.

EthicHub Capital & Credit Blockchain Crowdlending

If you are a small producer that wants to borrow from this platform, you will have to know about some of the terms and conditions. To start with, the loans range between € 1,000 and € 2,000 per person. This is the initial phase that targets farmers from Chiapas, Mexico, an area that has been carefully studied. It also takes into account the default rates, and the access to credit facilities by unbanked people in the society.

If you have ideas that can help to make this project better, you can give your feedback through Telegram and Rocketchat. Participation in such chats is open even to those that only purchase tokens during the pre-sale period.

What Makes EthicHub Different?

One of the most notable aspects of this program is that commissions are only charged when there is success. Since their strategy is based on people, and their objective is to boost success, they will not charge anyone for a loan that has not been paid. The local Nodes are people who have strong ties to the community that they operate in and therefore, they understand best how to go about it. This is the reason they have had an overwhelming response from the community.

EthicHub ETHIX ICO Details

ETHIX Pre-ICO is estimated to start Q1 2018. The Pre-ICO goal is to raise enough funds to develop the platform within 6 months and validate the business model hypothesis so at the ICO we can present ourselves with an operational platform and a proven business model. An important part of the funds will be used to finance ICO’s marketing. First phase will be with 15% of total Ethix, 2% for bounties. Price 1 ETH = 5000 ETX.

EthicHub Conclusion

The main purpose of Ethic Hub is to provide an alternative crowdfunding option to people who are not comfortable with those that have been around for longer. Rather than relying on data mining from various agencies, this platform takes a personal approach. It is the reason they know how to tailor the loans depending on the specific needs of applicants. In addition to this, they always connect with both the borrowers and investors to keep improving this platform.

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