What Is Ethoasis?

Ethoasis is an international financial company that provides their customers with financial services using the best and most secured technological processes. They provide their services to different range of people, from the normal student to some very reputable companies worldwide.

So irrespective of who you are or where you come from or what budget you have in mind, Ethoasis financial solutions are always at your doorstep, giving you all the best solutions to grow your business. With them, you can’t go wrong.

Who Is Behind Ethoasis?

Their team is made up of professionals from all parts of the world that specializes in analyzing and investing in projects of ICO and Blockchain.

Ethoasis Global eCommerce Billing Blockchain Features

At Ethoasis, they aim to always provide their customers with best and most secured services globally.

Easy to convert: – their crypto tokens can easily be converted to any other currency of your choice.

Privacy: – all your information, from the payments you made to them to the personal information that you provided during the process, are highly secured. So you don’t have to worry about a third party getting hold of it.

They use the blockchain technology: – at Ethoasis, they use the Ethereum ERC20 with the transparent mean blockchain.

Affordable Prices: – they offer their crypto tokens to their buyers’ at the most affordable prices, in fact at a price that is extremely low.

Super fast transaction process services: – with them you can send and receive money to any part of the world at any time really fast.

Super fast payment services: – their payment integration process is very fast enabling their customers to complete transactions in no time.

Ethoasis Benefits

Their customers stand to gain a lot from their benefits program and they include:

  • On your investment with them, you get up to 120% growth every month to your investment in the benefit wallet.
  • You also earn daily dividend payment into your account based on the benefits package you chose.
  • An automated system supervises the whole payment and receiving of dividends.
  • They pay your interest into your benefit wallet every 24 hours.

Amount daily interest financial contract:

  • 10 – 999 2% daily + 0.02% 90 days
  • 1000 – 4999 2.5% daily + 0.10% 80 days
  • 5000 – 9999 3.3% daily + 0.12% 70 days
  • 10000 – 49999 4% daily + 0.15% 60 days
  • Capital is included in the daily payments*

Ethoasis ETHOS ICO Details

The Ethoasis ICO is live. If you want to purchase ETHOS tokens you can do so using Ethereum.

Saving With Ethoasis

They provide their customers with a safe and secured wallet where they can save their ETHO and receive interest daily in US dollars. This interest is paid into your savings wallet after every 24 hours for savings that have spent a minimum time of 15 days in the wallet.

Period daily interest:

  • 15 days 0.2% daily
  • 30 days 0.3% daily
  • 45 days 0.5% daily

Ethoasis Staking

When you invest in your Ethoasis wallet, you get 120% profit yearly and for the people holding Ethoasis Currency gets interested paid for helping maintain the networks’ security. But the investment has to stay for 15 days before you start getting paid.

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