Due to the lucrative nature of the cryptocurrency industry, investors often find this as an appealing method of raking in massive profits within a short period. Among the favored means of investing in crypto is mining, though this sector has a substantial number of scammers looking to defraud uninformed traders.

What Is ETHonline?

ETHonline is a cloud mining firm that deals exclusively with Ethereum. The platform uses hashing power generated by physical miners and leverages advanced algorithms to maximize the mining process. Essentially, this service allows the investor to make additional ETH passively. Moreover, ETHonline has datacenters spread across the world, a factor that significantly increases the hashing power, translating into higher returns as compared to owning personal mining hardware.

ETHonline Mining Pool Earns Free ETH Crypto Rewards Features

ETHonline is a typical high yield investment program. Currently, it has five investment plans, namely, Basic, Standard, Enterprise, professional, and Platinum. Each of these packages has a different daily profit ratio, with the lowest (Basic) being 0.0044444 ETH per day and the highest (Platinum) returning 0.8 ETH on a regular basis. Additionally, each investment pan commands a particular minimum deposit. The lowest stands at 0.2 ETH while the highest is 12 ETH.

The only prerequisite for joining ETHonline is the possession of an ETH digital wallet. After registration, the earnings start immediately after the user purchases their desired plan. Furthermore, all withdrawals are processed instantly. Besides the daily returns, investors can also earn as much as 40% in commissions for every new customer that they refer.

ETHonline Verdict

Undoubtedly, the profit margins purported by ETHonline are appealing. Nonetheless, they are somewhat unfeasible, primarily because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. While no concerns are yet to be raised against this platform, it is important to be wary of its activities since it is most probably another Ponzi scheme.

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