Have you feared of potentially losing tokens, coins and any digital asset at hand?

If so, this is something faced by several traders, as many hackers have proven to break into supposedly “protected” systems. The Ethos Universal Wallet has been released as of March 31, 2018. The main question that several traders have is what makes the Ethos Universal Wallet superior to the many others that exist. The following will provide an in depth look at the potential the Ethos Universal Wallet has over others.

What is the Ethos Universal Wallet?

The Ethos Universal Wallet has been designed to provide consumers with a safe and fair system that can secure one’s digital assets. It is believed place great emphasis on security, as it is the main factor that determines whether one is willing to invest or not. In recent times, the Ethos coin has also sparked conversation, as it moved over 12.20 per cent within a 24-hour time span. In addition, the several partnerships established including SmartCash, aXpire, BitDegree, Bodhi and others has been predicted the overall Ethos’ growth to be substantial.

What Makes The Ethos Universal Wallet Advantageous?

Of the several factors that benefit one from using the Ethos Universal Wallet, three are worth mentioning.

First, their emphasis on security is believed to protect one’s digital assets. This is done by being able to create a single Ethos Smart Key that can manage several wallets at once. This not only increases security, but it also allows one to have control over their assets without having to fear about losing their Smart Key.

Second, Ethos’ Integrated Coin Profiles has been created to provide consumers with significant information related to interactive charts, market trends and access to reviews from the Ethos community. This is beneficial because consumers not only have access to what is causing changes in the market, but will also be able to share knowledge within the community to have more than one perspective.

Lastly, those who have got into the Pre-Sale, will have gotten a Gold Membership. This is a great opportunity as it allows one to have complete access to several online support resources free of charge for a year.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ethos Universal Wallet is a safe way of holding digital assets, as the high level of security is literally placed in the hands of consumers. Not only can one store their assets within one wallet with one smart key, but one is also said to have access to various types of information that can enhance one’s own research. For more information, check out: https://www.ethos.io/universal-wallet/

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