The innovation of the blockchain technology is presently the main reason behind substantial changes in various industries. From medicals, Cryptocurrency to the entertainment sector, one cannot talk of decentralization without a mention of the blockchain. Therefore, the entry of EthPokerIO into the entertainment sector doesn’t come as a surprise.

What Is ethPoker?

The online site is a decentralized poker ecosystem that runs on the famous Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows the hosting of various parts of the poker on a cloud/swarm service, thus eliminating monotony of single servers.

How EthPoker Live P2P Blockchain Poker Games Work

From the above statements indicate that the EthPokerIO website will have no specific local hosting, a fact that seeks to simplify its operations. Also, all platform activities will heavily depend on the swarm for the revelation of data storage in the blockchain technology. Therefore, all users with access to the Ethereum or Swarm node get readings on the updated list of participants and other vital metrics, from anywhere and at whatever time you wish.

Additionally, users will have to acquire EPX tokens that they will have to pre-load into their wallets. Through this, it will be easier for you to transfer them to the table escrow once you decide to join a specific table. Settlements on all games take place one user leaves the table with balances getting back to your wallet. The benefits spread to the withdrawal procedure as it’s pretty simple, as you can do so to your crypto wallet without complications.

According to the information on the white paper, the developers are working on featuring their tables with “collusion security, bot protection, and cheating protections.” All this for better user experience.

ethPoker Benefits

The platform promises to have best Ethereum integration features. For instance, the floating exchange rate will mirror the most competitive Eth. Also, the developers claim to have on board various wallet vendors that would integrate the EPX token into their wallets to improve transactions. There is also no entry barrier for any blockchain poker player, with automatic withdrawal options for every tier limits with pre-approvals.

 ethPoker EPX Token ICO Details

Furthermore, the platform will run a 60 days launch tournament after the ICO closing that would guarantee payouts of up to $1 million for the first-place finisher. Final table finishers also stand to benefit from an allocation of 500,000 EPX tokens. The benefits also spread to free entry for everyone with a donation of more than 0.99 ETH during the pre-sale and ICO period. Also, if you are a poker professional, you get a chance to get the ‘red marking”, if you become among the first to register.

Should I Join ethPoker?

Although the information on the website seems appealing, we cannot help but smell a sales pitch in every statement. Therefore, you should consider more facts than getting a wave of the luring messages, in your decision-making process. Also, you might t to start small to see how things go. Invest what you can stand to lose as there is no 100% guarantee of success.

ethPoker Verdict

EthPokerIO is an online platform that offers poker fans a secure ecosystem to conduct their games without having to bother about their security or privacy details. Also, users on the platform can make use of their EPX tokens as a form of long-term investment and even trade them for profit on digital currency exchanges.

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