With digital currency trading and investment platforms cropping up all over the internet, beginners and enthusiasts alike are likely to appreciate the presence of a platform that is safe, secure and trustworthy, as well as replete with a full complement of features.

Ethtrade aims to give users this exact balance, with its simple approach and tried-and-tested trading system, which has brought value and growth to thousands of investors worldwide already.

Anyone who is aware of the steady growth of Ethereum as a digital currency would be likely to understand how lucrative trading and investing in this popular cryptocurrency might be, and with Ethtrade, much of the usual complications and hurdles have been taken out of the process, resulting in a platform that is as advanced as it is beginner-friendly.

Ethtrade Special Features

The most interesting thing about the Ethtrade platform is that the development team has spent quite a lot of time and effort trying to develop a dynamic platform for digital currency trading, where a lot of the complications have been taken out of the process the use of tried and tested trading procedures and algorithms, which are updated daily.

The business model can generate up to 50% monthly income, half of which is provided to the investors. This can be a great way for beginners to try out the realm of digital currencies with one of the most popular currencies currently in circulation.

Versatile Trading Platform

Ethtrade provides users with a versatile, feature-rich yet simple to use trading platform that even beginners can find appealing. With complete transparency on all transactions, and with a simple investment scheme where investors can start off with as little as $10 make this platform a lucrative choice for both beginners and investment enthusiasts.

There is also no knowledge or experience of digital currency trading required to start trading and investing with this platform, which makes it all the more beginner friendly.

Great Returns

Trading at Ethtrade can bring greater returns, even to people who have no prior experience with investing or digital currencies. This is due to the fact that the platform uses a tried and tested trading algorithm, and basically all the trading is done by the platform on behalf of the investor.

This automated process can bring investors great passive returns anywhere up to 25% of their portfolio size on a monthly basis. The recommended duration of investment is 60 days or more, and this is a reasonable time frame for investors to trust the platform and get to see some results.

Affiliate Program

One of the most important features of Ethtrade is the popular affiliate program, which can allow participants to make money without the need to invest anything. For content publishers and website owners, this is a great opportunity to make extra passive income by sending investors and customers to this platform.

The affiliate system is well organized, and there are five different levels of affiliate status which also decide the amount of rewards that a registered affiliate can receive.

Ethtrade Getting Started

The process of getting on board at Ethtrade is also as simple as the investment process is for beginners. Users just need to register for free on the website using their email address, and transfer a minimum of $10 in the form of investment funds into their trading account.

The asset management team then handles the trading, and allocates the profits, which can even be withdrawn during the time of investment in return of a small fee.

Overall, Ethtrade seems to be a wonderful solution for investors, and especially for people who are just starting to get their hands wet with digital currencies.

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