What Is ETokenChain?

Etokenchain is software designed to facilitate payments between customers and merchants. It utilizes the existing bank accounts and devices to make these payments possible. This flexible solution utilizes existing technology to improve efficiency. For it to work, it utilizes Ethereum and the smart contract technology.

The Problem ETokenChain Seeks To Solve

The Etokenchain was created to solve real problems that real people face in the modern world. In some places, it is not possible to make payments using cards. In other cases, the various payment solutions are usually quite complex or expensive.

For instance, in most of Europe, the card payment fees are usually passed on to the customer. However, if they did not do this, it would seriously eat into their profits. To avoid this fee, merchants encourage customers to buy more goods to make fees manageable or pay in cash.

The ETokenChain Blockchain ECommerce Payment Software Solution

At the core of it, the Etokenchain project is just two apps. One app is for the merchant and the other one for customers. It is quite simple but surprisingly powerful. This app is designed to resolve market problems and end bottlenecks that impede growth. The Etokenchain program wants to be the change that happens in the business world.

This is not simply a project about offering a new payment solution. Rather, it is about building bridges between merchants and customers to improve the payment experience. Core to this payment solution is the API. This means that merchants can utilize different products to initiate a payment. The merchant will be able to integrate Etokenchain with an e-commerce solution, point of sale systems or even with vending machines.

ETokenChain Opportunity

Consumers have a demand for better privacy and data protection, which has led to a growing demand for services. This is what will lead to the next revolution in the world of advertising and marketing.

Right now, the advertising methods used are proving to be obsolete. They will soon be replaced by a wave of innovation inspired by the blockchain. At the fore of this wave, Etokenchain is poised to lead this wave. The project will create an open and transparent platform for the modern businesses.

Etokenchain uses innovative technology that makes anonymity, scalability, and security possible. Although it utilizes big data technology, it still manages to maintain a high degree of privacy.

ETokenChain ETCN Token & ICO Details

Etokenchain will create a token that will be called the ETCN token. It will be crypto for everyday use, which can also be traded on exchanges. The tokens come with a fixed supply. Most of the tokens will be liquid with a few of the tokens reserved for the bonus program. The tokens will be based on the ERC20 standard.

There will not be an ICO. Instead, you can get 500000 ETCN for every 1 ETH that you donate to an address listed on the Etokenchain project site. The tokens can already be traded on two exchanges. Once tokens are distributed, the tokens will be listed on more exchanges. There are 800,000,000 ETCN total tokens.

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