What Is eTolar?

eTolar is a new asset backed digital currency that combines digital currency, digital asset and digital utility into a single platform. The project provides an alternative to already existing cryptocurrencies that lack backing from digital or physical assets and have zero intrinsic value.

The project derives its essence from the silver coin Tolar which was minted in Bohemia and was used as the country’s main currency between 1520 and 1750. eTolar provides a digital currency platform capable of achieving 3 seconds of transaction execution with speeds of up to 2000 transactions per second.

Its objective is to create value for content creators from the USD 40 billion market a year created by their content on social media. It also makes business intelligence accessible to smaller entities through the “Decentralized Business Intelligence Platform Powered By Cryptocurrency”.

eTolar concept development begun in December 2017 with ICO preparation taking place from May 2018. eTolar expects to have social media and Business Intelligence apps ready for deployment by December while submission of requests for trading in crypto exchanges is slated for October.

Users of the eTolar tokens include social media platform operators, crypto investors and traders. Hedge funds are also expected to benefit from more liquidity through eTolar’s innovations enabling users speed up the transfer of assets while reducing associated costs.

eTolar Team Members

Ivan Samek is the founder and project lead for eTolar. He has held top management positions since 1990 and has worked with WEBshop, DHC, Leavia leasing IT, e-commerce, analysis of digital currencies since 1998.

Irena Pavlova is a founder and system developer for eTolar. She has experience working in property insurance and eCommerce and has held top positions such as chief operations officer. She has previously worked with WEBshop, CSOB pojistovna and Direct pojistovna Economic & monetary analysis.

How eTolar Digital Currency, Asset And Utility Platform Works

eTolar combines the 3 types of digital assets (payment tokens, asset tokens and utility tokens) differentiating itself from other cryptocurrencies. Assets backing the token will include 20% reserve funds, 20% commodities, 10% of collectibles and movables, 20% in real estate and 30% in shares in other projects.

eTolar ETL Token ICO Details

There are a total of 8 billion eTolar token units available for distribution. Token presale commenced on 16th of July and the public sale is expected to follow in 3 phases between August and September 2018. It will not be possible to mine or create more after the initial token sale. Users will only be able to acquire eTolar tokens from exchanges.

Unsold tokens will be allocated among existing buyers based on their proportion of ownership. Users will require a TRON wallet to receive eTolar tokens. Currencies accepted for the presale include ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, TRX, DASH, QTUM, NEO, XMR, XEM, USDT, ZEC and bank wire transfers. The presale price for each eTolar token (ETL) is equivalent to USD 0.0065.

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