EU Blockchain Observatory And Forum Hosts AMA Discussion June 18

The European Union (EU) has announced that it will host an online Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on June 18. The event, organized and hosted by the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum of the EU, will last for 90 minutes and cover blockchain technologies with in-depth explanations, interactive discussions with panelists and public questions answered live.

In a tweet, the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum said it is seeking questions from the public about the technology in advance of the session, which will be answered live on its YouTube channel.

This AMA is important because the public can get all the relevant information about the technology quickly, through relevant official sources. They are clouded with a lot of different opinions regarding blockchain technology, from glorious future predictions to possible disasters.

The general public can feel extremely lost in these circumstances and that is not good for the public image of the blockchain. The question you wish to ask may wary from basic entry level inquiries to more advanced technical ones.

The announcement states that the Blockchain Observatory and Forum is intended to support the EC's work on FinTech, which is considered a priority of the EC and is expected to play a major role in achieving the objectives related to the development of the single market, Banking Union, the Capital Markets Union and retail financial services.

The European Commission launched the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum in February, which was backed by the European Parliament represented by Jakob von Weizsacker. The purpose of the EU Blockchain Observatory is to play an “active role” in helping Europe grasp opportunities facilitated by blockchain with an initiative of investing €340 million in blockchain by 2020. The entity has already been funding blockchain projects through research programs since 2013.

The official launch announcement said:

“It will enable cross-border cooperation on practical use cases, bringing Europe’s best experts together and promoting an open forum for blockchain technologists, innovators, citizens, industry stakeholders, public authorities, regulators, and supervisors, to discuss and develop new ideas in order to learn.”

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