Eurocoinpay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that will allow the user (both customers and businesses) to send and receive transactions in the digital currency they want. The Eurocoinpay service aims to provide a technological tool that enables potential cryptocurrency enthusiasts to decide on which crypto they would use to pay for services and products under a decentralized system that offers the utmost freedom.

Additionally, Eurocoinpay also seeks to become the first venture to utilize advanced technology to facilitate the freedom to accommodate a cryptocurrency of their choice while the recipient also gets to choose the currency they would like to receive, whether in digital currency or FIAT money. Ultimately, Eurocoinpay hopes its service could eliminate the incompatibility that comes with the multiple tokens and altcoins.


The leading Eurocoinpay features will include

  1. Payment application- A Eurocoinpay application that is natively available for IOS AND Android users and this will allow them to undertake the payments
  2. Eurocoin Broker- the Eurocoinpay exchange will enable the users to acquire different cryptocurrencies with the prices set to be static to reduce potential losses or risks.
  3. Eurocoin Cash- Eurocoinpay' native cryptocurrency (ECH), will have similar value to the Euro and this allows investors and traders to use the currency as a possible replacement
  4. Eurocoin Token- the Eurocoin token serves as the exchange currency for Eurocoinpay ecosystem, with the added benefit of working to facilitate the payment application.
  5. VISA Eurocoinpay- As an opportunity for convenience, Eurocoinpay users will request a VISA card that they can use at cash-points or payments services accepting Eurocoinpay.

Eurocoinpay Token Details and Sale

ICO dates

  • Start- 1st March, 2018
  • End- 31st October, 2018

Pricing plan

  • 30.000.001 – 40.000.000 0.50€
  • 40.000.001 – 48.000.000 0.70€
  • 48.000.001 – 55.000.000 0.85€
  • 55.000.001 – 65.000.000 1.00€
  • 65.000.001 – 70.000.000 1.20€

Token information

  • Ticker symbol- ECT
  • Platform-
  • Accept- ETH, BTC, EUR
  • Price- 1 ECT= € 0.50
  • Total supply- 100 million tokens

Token distribution

  • Starter packs- 30 million
  • ICO Sales- 40 million
  • Technical development and marketing- 30 million

How the Eurocoinpay Technology Works

Point of sale, the business establishes a connection to our platform through a web browser (a dedicated PC is recommended), for better performance and adaptability. Entering the web platform, access the payment with an ID, a unique identifier that Eurocoinpay provides, and, at the same time, is linked by a key to your cryptocurrency wallet. Within the Platform, you should first establish your preferences, selecting the cryptocurrencies that you will receive from clients. It's important to clarify that each cryptocurrency will then have its wallet on the platform.

Aspects that Eurocoinpay Will Offer in Priority

  • Improving the speed of transaction
  • Low-cost payment with the additional capability of micropayments
  • Scalability of the operations, with no downtime
  • An exponential growth of the cryptocurrency
  • The flexibility of the deals with the users getting the freedom to choose their currency.
  • Invitation and reward mechanism that will entice users to transact through Eurocoinpay

Is Eurocoinpay Different From Other Payment Solutions?

Eurocoinpay presents itself as a cutting-edge financial ecosystem that will oversee micropayments and transactions in any digital currency form. While this may seem appealing, the utmost concern lies in whether Eurocoinpay can live up to the expectations. Still, the financial sector is full of such upcoming ventures with each bragging of its possibilities.

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