Eventboost: The Platform That Is Revolutionizing Ticketing Using The Blockchain

What Is Eventboost?

Eventboost is being promoted and created by the Eventboost Platform. This platform has been operating since 2016 with over 160 regular customers. It helps event professionals and companies globally to organize successful events effortlessly and professionally.

How Eventboost Blockchain Event Ticketing Platform Works

The ticketing market will experience a revolution thanks to the Eventboost Blockchain Ticketing Platform (EBT). This platform will ensure that there is no fraud for B2B and B2C events. EBT is going to natively integrate with Eventboost and the open API will make it possible for third parties to connect to EBT. They will gain numerous benefits for ticket sales.

Over the past decade, the event tick market has grown a lot, with capabilities such as instant online ticket purchase. However, ticket operators have thus far not been able to solve most of the issues affecting the sector.

In this way, EBT will bring in a new era where fraud, scalping, and ticketing fees will be eliminated. EBT will revolutionize how event planner, ticket buyers, and other ticketing systems handle the sale of tickets. EBT is going to be able to issue and validate event tickets that are tamper proof. The tickets will be executed via smart contract and purchased with the EVA token.

The EBT platform will also make it possible for event organizers to set rules, monitor tickets, and even enable remuneration if buyers resell tickets. Besides that, this platform will connect ticket buyers with event organizers directly. With the use of the EVA tokens, it will ensure security and execution of transactions, including the elimination of transaction fees.

By getting rid of third parties that hold payments for days or weeks, organizers will now experience instant full payments. Ticket buyers will see reduced costs, which reflect actual prices for the event.

Eventboost is already developing an app based on the blockchain called the EB app. The app will be offered to mobile and web devices. This will enable ticket buyers to interact with the ecosystem. The buyers can manage the ticket wallet, purchase tickets with EBT and resell on the secondary market.

Eventboost Data Access

Event organizers will also access attendee personal data via the EBT platform and renew personal data management using the EVA tokens. The tokens will be used to incentivize buyers to offer up this data.

Eventboost EVA Token ICO Details

Eventboost SA, a company based in Switzerland, will coordinate the crowdsale. It will be organized via smart contracts on Ethereum.

  • The tokens will be purchased at 1 EVA=0.0001 ETH.
  • Participants can also purchase tokens using CHF or EUR sent to a Swiss Bank account
  • The value of tokens is 1EVA= 0.04 EUR
  • Jurisdiction: Switzerland
  • Legal qualification: A hybrid payment and utility token
  • Total Token supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Tokens for sale: 50%
  • Start of sale: June 28, 2018
  • End: Two weeks after the start


  • Day 1-2 – 15%
  • Day 3-4 – 10%
  • Day 5-6 -5%
  • Day 7- End – No bonus


  • Start: May 28, 2018
  • End June 28, 2018
  • The soft cap: ETH 2500
  • The Hard cap: ETH 35000

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