What Is EverDragons?

Everdragons is a blockchain-based game that has unique crypto collectables known as Everdragons. Users can use the Everdragons to participate in contests where they could win Gems, Prestige, or Ether. Gems and Prestige belong to the Everdragons, while Ether belongs to the Everdragon owner. The Everdragon is an ERC-721 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain therefore they cannot be deleted, stolen, or altered.

The contests incorporate real life events such as sporting events and cryptocurrency performance. The game also has a betting portal where users could place bets and win Everdragons without actually owning an Everdragon. Apart from playing and betting, users could also buy, sell, or collect the Everdragons on the platform’s marketplace.

How EverDragons Blockchain Crypto Collectibles Eggs DNA Game Works

All the Everdragons have unique DNAs, so none of them is the same. Blockchain technology records all the aspects of the DNA therefore, any alteration is virtually impossible. The aspects include:

Power Source:

Each Everdragon has a Power Source number written in its DNA. The number determines the power source that the Everdragon runs with. In most instances, the power source is the course of a cryptocurrency. This means that during contests, if a cryptocurrency gains value, the Everdragon will perform better.

The number also determines the team/athlete of an Everdragon in sporting events. The performance of the Everdragon in such a game depends on the performance of the team/athlete.


Everdragons have origins from real life towns or cities. In this regard, the weather and time of the towns or cities affect the Everdragon’s moods and performance.


Each of the Everdragons has one of the four elements (fire, wind, water, and earth), which determines their color and might be advantageous to them in certain games.

The race is the first type of competition the Everdragons can partake in. once the race opens, the Everdragons joins the game by paying the entrance fee using Ether. The entrance fees are stored in the prize pot. They are then allocated a cryptocurrency for the race depending on their Power Source number.

The price of the cryptocurrency powering the Everdragon is noted at the beginning and end of the race and the change is calculated. The Everdragon with the highest increase wins the prize pot.

EverDragons Creates New Games

From the gems that the Everdragon has won in previous games, it can create a new game and challenge other Everdragons. The owner of the Everdragon can then define the specifications of the game such as the rules it will run by, the type, entrance fee, duration and the bonuses. The entrance fees are paid using Ether, which is deposited into the Prize pot. After the completion of the game, the price pot is divided among the winning Everdragons.

EverDragons Game Advantages


Through the Scarcity Control Algorithm that the game implements, the stability of the Everdragons is stable while slightly increasing their value. Scarcity of eliminates the risks of sudden fluctuations which makes the investments almost risk free for the players.


The game platform utilizes blockchain technology; therefore, a player’s collectables cannot be stolen or lost.

EverDragons Token ICO Details

The ICO is over for the EverDragon token. The EverDragon is an ERC-721 Token embedded on the Ethereum Blockchain. It can be bought by anyone with an Ethereum address. All transactions are 100% between the players MetaMask wallet and the Everdragons DApp.

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