As it is stated on Evergreen Profits’ site, knowledge is power. But is the kind of knowledge that this site going to give you really useful or is Evergreen Profit another scam? We will analyze this in our article.

What Is Evergreen Profits?

Evergreen Profits is a company that offers you a software that is the “success formula in making money online” because you will always be one step ahead of the other people that want to make money with Bitcoin.

The company’s argument is that the only way to be really successful in the market is to be able to predict the market and that you can do it only with its software. It will show you exactly and where you should invest if you really want to be rich.

Evergreen Profits promises that you can use its tool to make almost as much money as the professionals working only some minutes during the day. The software was created by combining technology with human analysis.

The software is supposedly very easy to use and to combine an unmatched performance of a software that is going to disrupt the market with the expertise of people who spent their entire lives trading.

To use the Evergreen Profits software, you will have to pay $997 USD. The price is very steep but the company promises to give you a huge return on investment.

Does this sound too good to be truth to you? Yeah, it did to us too. Now it is the time to discover if this company is lying or not.

Is Evergreen Profits A Bitcoin Trading On Trends Software Scam?

We have some reasons that lead us to believe that this company might be a scam or something of the sort. If you check the company’s site, you will perceive that it is full of promises of wealth but it does not show a lot of real data or any important information.

This is very common in scams. First, they hook you with empty promises and then they make you pay. It’s very simple, actually. The company profits by selling what is basically a useless software. It does not matter whether the company states that the software works 99% of the time or not, they generally do not work even 60% of the time.

Evergreen Profits Conclusion

Do not invest in Evergreen Profits. Trading is, unfortunately, never really easy. You will always have risks and problems can arise all the time. Because of this, never believe in promises that do not warn you about the risks that you might be facing.

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