Breaking NEWS: Everipedia Blockchain Launches in Attempt to Take Out Wikipedia

Breaking NEWS: Everipedia Blockchain Launches in Attempt to Take Out Wikipedia

New information resource startup Everipedia has finally launched on the decentralized mainnet network.

Everipedia has already been accessible in the past did anyone in the world with a stable internet connection. However, with the move to Maine net, information resource will no longer be stored on a traditional web server; instead it is now hosted unsecured blockchain with a brand-new web address. Everipedia operates on the already existing EOS blockchain network; it has since early in 2018.

An announcement made was on the future distribution of the platform's IQ coin. Initial delivery happened via an EOS airdrop after the platform launched for mainstream usage. Users who were on the airdrop at the time of release received IQ tokens in appreciation for being there at the time of launch.

The new startup's CIO is none other than former Wikipedia officer and co-founder, Larry Sanger. Sanger is exceptionally enthusiastic about the results made during launch, ready to give users the ability to create and vote on new content for the decentralized information source.

Everipedia announced their launch last Thursday, and announced the airdrop to receive IQ Tokens at the same time. Users on the platform collect coins for their contribution in the form of new articles or editing existing ones on the platform. IQ Tokens can be used to govern the network or cast votes when the time comes. Everipedia isn't shy about their competition with Wikipedia, the original online encyclopedia of information.

With whom do you side? Wikipedia or Everipedia? Leave your answers and reasons in the comment section below.

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