Every Capital, Helping To Diversify Crypto Portfolio For Australians

A recent announcement has been made in regard to Every Capital’s launch of Australia’s first ever retail crypto hedge fund. The goal behind this project is to ensure that all Australians, regardless of their expertise levels with crypto, have equal access to the different coins out there as well as being able to participate in sound Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

According to the Director and Co-Founder of Every Capital, Tom Surman, their move towards bringing a simpler yet effective way of entering into the crypto market for Australians is a big deal, better yet, a competitive advantage. Every’s ability to provide users with an easier method is crucial, especially for a country like Australia that has limited entrance.

Surman went on to add the fact that it is not always so easy to get into crypto upon deciding to do so, especially with “technical barriers” enforced. Not only do users need to consider the buying and selling aspect of crypto, but also ensuring that they are secured, which is even harder with the several scammers out there.

Hence, allowing users to invest with Australian dollars and taking the responsibility of securing portfolios for its users will definitely encourage more people to consider cryptos as a whole. According to Every, users will also be provided with the necessary tools to keep an eye out for their investments as well as automatic year-end reporting.

The Head of Communications and Co-Founder, Jack Baldwin, expresses the increased confidence and enthusiasm the Every team has when it comes to cryptos and blockchain technology. He states that such assets “will bring change to almost every industry on earth”.

As per existing information, Australia is one of the fewest countries to have already started its implementations of blockchain technology in various industries, ranging from agriculture and energy to even the way in which voting will be done.

In order to maximize users’ investments, Every Capital has supposedly joined forces with Astronaut Capital, a crypto fund manager, along with Global Merces. Surman goes on to mention the importance of ensuring that users today have more opportunities to invest in such projects, as “traditional investments like property and shares don’t generate returns they used to” nor are they easily accessible both publicly and financially.

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