Every protocol, previously called the shop protocol, is a platform that intends to ensure consumers benefit from the use of their data. Today, most customer data is monetized without the permission of its users. Brands are unable to gain direct access to consumers by predatory online markets that end up compromising the customer experience.

Every will offer brands a system with a loyalty reward program that will also function as a retail data marketplace. Shopper will broker their personal data with brands for savings, rewards, and discounts. Through this system, brands will gain incredible insight into customers, which they can use to drive revenue upwards. On the other hand, shoppers will gain a limitless revenue channel.

Issues EVERY Seeks To Solve

Like most other sectors, the world of commerce often oscillates between centralization and decentralization. The growth of digital commerce in the 90s brought on a new e-commerce experience all across the internet. Since the high initial cost was low, e-commerce thrived. Sellers were able to create customizable storefronts and developed relationships between the brand and customers.

However, as time went on, digital commerce became harder as site expectations by customers became more sophisticated. To make things even worse, the customer acquisition channels became even more costly. This has led to most brands turning to central agents that take care of the logistics and the shopper experience. While these central agents offer good services, they also monopolize the customer data.

These middlemen often end up consuming the most value from the relationship between customers and brands. As a result, they control centralized key data to gain the most benefit from this centralization. The inefficiencies in the current system only benefit the centralized parties. These central systems block accountability, transparency, and innovation, which drive prices up for the shoppers and brands.

The EVERY Blockchain eCommerce SHOP Protocol Data Exchange Solution

This lack of shared data can be fixed using decentralization. The EVERY protocol will work to share data in the retail supply chain with brands. As a result, it will allow everyone to have a chance to analyze and act on the wealth of data offered.

To fix the issue of a data sharing, they will reorganize the supply chain using the blockchain. This new retail experience will afford a unique opportunity for the organization of the insights, capital, analysis, and human resources that brands possess.

A good way to understand this protocol is as an e-commerce protocol that will provide the ability to come up with products and control how they are sold. This platform will also manage inventory, warehousing, and offer an interface for orders, carts, and returns. Meanwhile, data on the whole process will be analyzed. The commerce supply chain is obviously much deeper than this. However, the aim of this protocol is to focus on the relationship between sellers, shoppers, and brands.

EVERY Token ICO Details

Right now, the pre-ICO is live. However, it is only open to accredited investors. As soon as the ICO is open, you will be able to part of this revolutionary idea.

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