Evident Proof deals in the field of data verification and proof services using the blockchain technology. Are you interested in this company? You can get much more information by reading our review.

What Is Evident Proof?

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Evident Proof is a new company that discovered that the blockchain technology had the potential to turn simple data into real proof. How does it do that? By creating an immutable proof of evidence chain on the blockchain. As you might already know, the blockchain has many utilities and one of them is to be able to create immutable data.

If someone stores some information on the blockchain, you can see the data that information was stored and information about it, so the platform can end up being very useful for companies and businesses that have to report information and store it safely.

The company intends to create a system in which the individuals will be able to choose the people who see what they posted and that cannot be hacked, so it cannot be robbed or changed by third parties (it actually cannot even be changed by you). The company intends to create a product that has the potential of changing how storage is made on the internet.

Evident Proof Blockchain Data Verification Proof Services Technology

Evident Proof uses a type of technology created by the UK Microsoft Technology Centre called Proof of Concept. This technology was created when the members of the Centre decided to see if they could create an immutable and verifiable data proof chain on the Ethereum blockchain.

The company believes that this kind of technology has given many benefits for its platform and that the main ones are that the information are immutable and can be easily verifiable at any moment. By using this technology, the company created a scalable and secure network for users to store their own data.

Who Is Behind Evident Proof?

If you are curious to know more about the team behind Evident Proof, you have to look at Adrian Clarke, which is a co-creator of the company and current CEO. He has a background in technology and years of experience with start-up companies.

Other relevant members of the company include the chief of operations, Ken Boness; the chief of innovation, James Anderson; Tony Howell, director of the company and head of sales; and Matt Roden (CTO).

Evident Proof EVP Token ICO Details

The platform will be powered by Evident Proof Tokens (EPT). The tokens will be sold by the company as a way to finance the construction of the Evident Proof platform. The pre-sale begins on April 27 and the price of the tokens will only be accessible via direct contact with the company. The main sale begins on May 10 (or as soon as the pre-sale’s hard cap is reached) with the price of $0.98 USD per 1 EPT token.

Unless the hard cap is reached first, the sale will end on June 10. A total of 100,000,000 EPT tokens will be sold (25% of the total tokens) during both phases.

Evident Proof Conclusion

This is definitely a company that takes all that Ethereum has to offer and builds something interesting with it. While we are not definitely sure that you will be making a successful investment by backing Evident Proof, we can at least attest that this company shows glimpses of creativity and dedication that might make it stand out in the crowd in a possible future.

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