EvoChain ICO

EVO is a blockchain-powered decentralized platform built to assess the skills and developments of human beings. The project is divided into two phases; EVO.Pro and EVO.Live. The former focuses on the on the development of skills concerning education and professional recruitment. It is scheduled to launch this year, and will therefore the pilot phase of the EVO project as a whole. On its part, EVO.Live deals with other aspects of human life such as personal development, sports, recreation, and so on.

About EVO Personal Development

As the days go by, new technological advancements come into the fold. While discoveries such as expert systems, blockchain technology and neural networks are a perfect complement to the human workforce, they are gradually rendering entire professions useless.

To keep up with these evolving trends, people have to equip themselves with relevant skills; otherwise, their careers would be doomed. However, the incompetence of the existing educational system is proving to be a serious bottleneck in the race to adapt to these emerging technologies.

The multi-year approach that the current education system favors is certainly not the way forward. Nowadays, technologies emerge and become obsolete within a short period. Furthermore, university graduates are consistently outperformed by individuals who have basic education. Essentially, academic papers do not guarantee real-life ability.

The shortcomings of the education sector transcend into the professional sector, with professionals having difficulties in establishing their real value to the industry. Moreover, these individual often find it hard to prove the value of their knowledge as described in their academic documents.

The Solution

EVO.Pro is a one-stop solution to the problems mentioned above. Using blockchain technology the platform will provide lasting solutions to issues inhibiting the development of the educational system.

The ecosystem will create headhunting tools that will significantly simplify the assessment of professional skills as well as business qualities. Also, the existing systems will work together with assessment centers to facilitate the determination of a professional’s worth to their employer.

After assessment, the resultant data will be stored on databases secured by blockchain technology. This data can be easily accessed by professional individuals for their personal improvement.

EVO Token

EVO will issue an ER223/ERC20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is known as E-Talon (ETL). The total supply of ETL tokens is capped 100,000,000.

Token Distribution

The 100 million ETL tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 4% – presale event
  • 50% – ICO main event
  • 15% – team
  • 3% – bounty and subcontractors
  • 8% – advisors and experts
  • 10% – liquidity reserves

Distribution of Funds

The proceeds form the crowdsale will be shared out as flows:

  • 25% – platform development
  • 10% – assessment systems
  • 30% – marketing and community
  • 15% – services
  • 10% – value at risk and liquidity
  • 10% – operations and administrative.


As if now, EVO already has a working prototype, necessary documents and a marketing strategy in place. The project will inaugurate EVO.Pro on the third quarter of 2018, alongside Android and iOS smartphone applications. The first beneficiaries will be residents of London, Singapore and Moscow. Other countries will receive a Beta version of the platform before the end of the year.

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