EvoChain ICO

What is EvoChain?

EvoChain is a new currency in which you can exchange your tokens for a Visa Debit eGift Card. The power of this is said to rest with the error-proof invoices, the ability to accept any cryptocurrency, no fees, being fast to the point of nearly instant and 100% protected against fraud.

It’s basically a safe and secure way to keep money and spend it. You can see the whitepaper on the company website. To participate with the company, go to the website at evochain.io.

How Does EvoChain Work?

Why would someone want to use Evo Chain? Businesses will love Evo Chain because of the incorporation of the blockchain technology. The platform in itself is said to be extremely innovative, with offers for businesses as well as institutions that need heightened security like you get when using the blockchain technology.

Some of the main reasons to use the platform are:


The company is said to be safer and more secure then nearly any platform online.

Error – Proof Invoices

Thanks to the invoices, you can count on transactions without errors to further protect your money.

Accept Any Cryptocurrency

Evo Chain is also designed to accept any currencies, including cryptos and altcoins.

No Fees

There are no fees associated with performing transactions, something not commonly seen on any cryptocurrency sites.


Transactions on the platform are extremely fast, much faster than that of Bitcoin or other cryptos.


Any mistakes or wrong transactions made on the platform can be refunded for a full return apparently.

Fraud Proof

Thanks to the blockchain technology, there is no risk of fraud. Hackers are unable to break down the security measures that are in place because of the blockchain.

Customers will also love the platform, EvoChain uses the blockchain, one of the most technologically advanced software platforms in the world. It’s ideal for businesses and institutions, who can both benefit from technology. But, customers also benefit from it as well, and from the business standpoint also.

For customers, it’s hassle-free, uses the absolute proof of payment to create a completely secure platform. That even for the customers offers fully refundable transactions and is much faster than nearly anything else you’ll see online. Customers and businesses can also send invoices at any time or pay them when needed as well without any worry or concern.

There are more features for the platform as well. For one, there is a time refund system, this is what protects you with the full refunds. If you have ever accidentally sent money to the wrong person, cryptocurrency or anything of that nature than you know the pain. With the new system on EvoChain, that will never happen again.

And you can exchange cryptocurrency on the website for a visa debit card or eGift card. EvoChain plans on being one of the first to implement the instant VISA Debit eGift Card Issuance service. It’s where you give them cryptocurrency and they give you a prepaid VISA debit card. This means for near complete anonymity.

The card has a ton of benefits as well. For example, it works as a universal payment system. With no physical card, the VISA eGift card doesn’t have any type of fees that would be standard for regular cards. And you can use it anywhere that accepts VISA.

The card is also instant issued and is promised to beat all the competition. With a transparent priced system of one flat, low-fee, it’s a great card for anyone to use and is affordable and simple. The card is safe and secure as well, and a great way to spend your crypto money as well as being much simpler for businesses to use as well.

Along with all that, the card is compatible with almost any business. That means, businesses don’t have to worry about being compatible because the card does it for them. EvoChain is also compatible with all cryptocurrencies. And this in turn means it’s mutually beneficial for everyone who uses it or accepts it.

The card is beneficial for the user, financial institutions that use it and businesses. There are no antagonisms or competition problems among big banks either.

Details on the EvoChain ICO

The ICO for Evo Chain starts in a little less than ten days. And as said before, to get in on the ICO – go to the company website and register. As for exact dates, the Pre-Sale for the coins starts on April 6th and goes till May 3rd. Once the pre-sale is completed, the ICO starts on June 1st and goes till July 9th.

The pre-sale of the ICO is considered to be one of the bonus weeks. And it’s starting on the 6th of April, at which time you can get the tokens for 20% off the normal cost. It will run till the 13th of April, after which the first round of pre-sale ICO is closed and the second phase starts on the 14th of April, the following day.

Round two offers investors a 10% off discount on tokens and runs until the 21st of April. Once round two is over, the third and final round of the pre-sale ICO starts, in which investors can benefit from 5% off the regular token price.

Once the pre-sale of the ICO is completed, the first rounds of the ICO begin about a month later. Round one, also offers 20% off and runs from June 1st to June 9th. Round two offers 10% off and goes from June 10th to June 17th and is immediately followed on the 18th by the third and final round in which a 5% discount is given off the normal price of the token and it ends on June 30th.

Any tokens that are left after one round of the ICO is over will be moved to the next round. And this will continue on until the ICO is finally over in completion.

The token for the platform is known as ECHO, and there are officially 303,150,000 of them ready for distribution. Each ECHO will run exactly $0.25 USD, with 4,000 of them =1 ETH which is apparently also an equivalent price. The soft cap of the company is 1,000,000 and the hard cap is 80,000,000.

Who is Behind EvoChain?

At this time, no disclosure has been made on who is behind the team. They are completely anonymous as of now, which is a bit of a scary concept. Sending money to a new company without any inclination on who they are or where they’re from is a bad idea.

EvoChain ICO Conclusion

If it wasn’t for the unknown team, I would be much quicker to advise you to invest with EvoChain. But until then, be hesitant and do more research prior to investing with this company that will be giving out VISA eGift Cards in exchange for cryptocurrency.

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  1. I am the Chief Operating Officer of EvoChain and wanted to update you on a key point about who out team is as we are in the midst of our ICO presale going on until May 3, 2018. Here is a link to our team. He you would like a bio on each, I would be happy to provide such. https://evochain.io/team/


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