Anybody who’s ever been to a live gig or a big sporting event will know hard it is to find/ source quality tickets online. For example, on U2’s last world tour, tickets sold out under 10 minutes for most American dates. As a result of this, fans and enthusiasts were forced to resort to the secondary ticket market, where ticket prices were marked up to such an extent that the they were out of reach for regular fans.

From a more statistical point of view, we can see that 65% of all complaints that are received by ticketing agencies, are those related to unjust pricing of “resale tickets”. Thus, in this current climate, it can be of much use to have a decentralised ticketing system that not only eliminates chances of fraud, but also makes ticket procuration simple and straightforward.

About Evopass TicketChain

Evopass TicketChain has been touted as a “Digital Ticketing Revolution” that enables users to help procure tickets in an easy and hassle free manner. The platform being offered is “secure, traceable, and completely digital”. According to the company’s official webpage (TicketChain.ie), their software makes use of smart algorithms that allow for:

  • Regulation of ticket costs so that prices don't keep fluctuating.
  • Alleviation of issues of fraud that are quite common in the market today
  • Elimination of issues related to online bots (which often cause network clogging and reduced ticket availability).
  • Reduces the problem of ticket touting.

Who Is Behind This Project?

TicketChain is the brainchild of friends Jake MccGwire, Kevin Murray, and Zach Diebold, all of whom are recent Trinity College graduates. In a recent interview with the team, they had the following words to say: “ “[The existing] companies are happy to take a large cut, a huge commission, on the primary and secondary market while screwing over the artists and the fans”.

They believe that their platform has the ability to redefine the way ticket sales are done, so as to make sure that loyal fans who look forward to big events are not left high and dry.

What Is Different With TicketChain?

(i) Low Fees involved:

According to company representatives, TicketChain has the ability to operate with “much smaller fees because all of the tickets sold have been validated in advance”.

(ii) Fully Digital:

All of the transactions and sales are handled in an automated fashion. Ticket issuance is done digitally, and thus everything is done in a more systematic and secure manner.

(iii) Added Encryption:

In order to prevent scams or frauds, the tickets being distributed via TicketChain cannot be printed or copied as a screenshot because the QR code changes every few seconds. As a result of this, multiple scans are not possible.

(iv) Fully Legitimate:

Unlike secondary ticket distributors who do not take full responsibility of ticket legitimacy, TicketChain makes sure that that such problems don't crop up at all.

Other Important Aspects To Consider

(i) Eliminates Touting:

To deal with such an issue, TicketChain limits the sale price of all tickets on their secondary market, to only a small dollars over the face value. Thus, users will no longer have to pay 3-4 times of the original cost of the ticket (which has been the case for many events over the past few years).

(ii) Eliminates Bots Entirely:

The platform works to eliminate any incentives for bots to function. This is a big bonus, as bots usually end up buying a large quantity of tickets, that are then resold at much higher prices. In a recent Guns n’ Roses concert hosted in Melbourne, this problem became very apparent when the cheapest ticket prices shot up to a staggering $400.

(iii) Still Needs to Become More Established:

While TicketChain is still in its infancy, it presents a good case for itself to replace Ticketmaster as the source for all our ticketing needs.

(iv) Benefit For Artists:

Though the use of the TicketChain platform, artists will receive a small amount of money on the secondary market. Additionally, by regulating ticket sale prices, real fans are given a chance to be in the front rows. Not only that, market research also indicates that, when ticket prices are more controlled, there is a better chance of merchandise being sold at events.

How do I Sign Up For Evopass?

While this technology has still not been released commercially as of yet, interested customers can get in touch with company officials to see what their options look like. Users can either email official representatives, or a drop in a message on the “get in touch” page.

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