This is a free peer to peer-based cryptocurrency exchange that also operates as a social network and is designed primarily for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There are already thousands of people on the network whoa are using it because of the safety and security of the platform. You can download the whitepaper on the company website and also get in on the token sale as well.


The platform is currently making about $500 billion USD in cryptocurrency assets ready for everyone on the market. The token is reliable and anonymous cryptocurrency, built on the powerful Ethereum Blockchain Technology. The tokens for the Exaking platform are mostly used as payment methods from advertisers and others on the platform, attempting to keep it free for users and others, like traders and various users who want to make the token a tradable asset with a more useful background within the cryptocurrency space. The tokens are sold in four phases with a lot of significant price discounts that are limited in supply.

The problem’s that are typically faced with major cryptocurrencies are said to be solved by the way of the platform. And most of the time it’s related to buying and selling and the confusion that ensues within that period of time. But with Exaking, they promise that all of the typical and standard issues will be solved by the platform, making it one of the most useful cryptocurrencies in the world.


The token sale for the company is starting on Pre-ICO in less than one day. You can buy either the pre-ICO tokens or the Main-ICO tokens on the website. And if you do, you will be one of the 200 lucky early investors who will benefit from the 50% bonus tokens that are being given out on the ICO. And once the pre-ICO has begun, the register on You can go to your account at anytime and scroll to see who is participating in the pre-ICO section of the company. And there are no verifications needed, you can operate in the pre-ICO with total and fully anonymity as well as secure cryptocurrency transactions that are also guaranteed.

The max profit that can be made off the Pre-ICO is 50% of bonus tokens and the first phase of the ICO will offer 20% bonuses, with phase 2 offering 10% and phase 3 offering 5%. The official date of the Pre-ICO is April 8th and will start at 17:00 UTC and run until April 19th at 16:59 UTC. As for the ICO date, it runs until April 25th at 17:00 UTC and goes until May 23rd at 16:59 UTC.

The token prices are 1 ETH = 15,000 EXA. And 1 EXA = 0.033 USD and 1.00 USD = 30 EXA. 1 BTC = 258,000 EXA and 1 LTC = 4,500 EXA.

There is a maximum token supply of 980,000,000 with a max crowdsale token supply of 686,000,000 or 70% tokens ready. The ICO Hard Cap is 45,000 ETH. And there are a multitude of benefits for trading the EXA tokens with other cryptocurrencies on crypto-currency exchanges. And when it comes to advertising, there are sponsored posts, ICO publications that can be done and Crypto Ads, all that can be purchased using the Exaking Tokens.

Who Is Behind EXAKING?

At this point in time, there is nothing to be said about the team behind the platform. And that is too bad because generally speaking, the only platforms that do not divulge information on who they are, can’t be trusted because it’s a total lack of honesty and transparency. Until these guys tell us who they are, they really can’t be trusted either. It’s unfortunate, because according to their claims – Exaking is capable of solving a lot of problems that is currently happening with transactions on a regular basis.

EXAKING In Conclusion

The company has a lot of promising benefits to using it, but unfortunately, they don’t have any information on who they are. Until that happens, Exaking is a high-risk investment and should be handled with care. Because it’s simply too dangerous to send money to an anonymous party that is possibly overseas without any method of verifying who they are or tracking it. Even if it is operated on an ERC Standard Ethereum-based token and platform, there is something to be said about positively impactful companies who don’t want to tell you who they are or where they operate out of.


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