Exarpy is a platform specially created for Ripple (XRP) owners. Therefore, its membership consists of individuals who hold Ripple coins on exchanges or gateways such as Poloniex and Binance and would like to transfer the virtual currency to a fully autonomous digital wallet. As of now, the company is tirelessly working towards becoming a Ripple gateway payment solution. Consequently, its user will be able to buy XRP directly on this platform and exchange it into fiat currency at pocket-friendly rates. The company believes in prioritizing and excelling on one aspect before moving on to another.

Currently, Exarpy is just an interface that allows users to conduct Ripple transactions from an independent digital wallet. Hence, contrary to conventional banks, this platform does not hold funds. Instead, it provides a connection between the user and the global Ripple network via a usable and interactive interface.

Additionally, Exarpy does not store member information, as the platform does not have a database. Moreover, the platform does not keep tabs of clients via back-end analytics tools such as Google analytics. This is because keeping such records increases the risk of cyber-attacks.

Despite the absence of a database, Exarpy displays user’s transaction history when the user accesses their account. This information is directly sourced from the Ripple blockchain ledger which keep a record of all XRP transactions worldwide.

Exarpy XRP Ripple Crypto Wallet Features

Portability –

The Exarpy digital wallet is accessible from any location, with the only prerequisites being a web browser and a stable internet connection.

Safe And Dependable –

Exarpy does not expose vital user credentials to malicious individuals since it does not have a database. Transaction records are requested directly from the Ripple blockchain when the user accesses their wallet. Even then, they are only held temporarily without being stored. Furthermore, Exarpy uses SSL encryption to send info between the user’s browser and the platform’s API.

Full Autonomy –

To manage a Ripple wallet, a user needs a unique address and a private key. Exarpy keeps neither, giving members unfettered control over their accounts. While this considerably reduces the susceptibility of the confidential info to malicious breaches, it also implies that the info is irrecoverable if it gets lost.

It is worth noting that the user bears the largest responsibility in ensuring the safety of their wallet. Therefore, the company recommends uninstalling browser plugins (some inadvertently spy on the computer) and avoiding writing down of log in credentials of the wallets. This enhances the security of your wallet by a considerable margin.

Fees –

Exarpy strives to be affordable, and thus levies a flat fee of 0.0025 XRP regardless of the amount for every transaction. These charges are inclusive of the Ripple network transaction fees.

Irreversible Transactions –

Users should verify and recheck Ripple recipient addresses before sending funds since the transactions are irreversible. On the event that money is sent to a wrong address, the only possibility of regaining such funds is by requesting and hoping that the recipient will be human enough to return the money.

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