With data becoming one of the most valuable assets, economies are almost single-handedly being data-driven. Exceed ICO seeks to establish a cryptocurrency that will serve to decentralize the modern enterprise data solutions by utilizing the capabilities of blockchain technology.

The Goal Of Exceed IO

Exceed is operating to establish a new solution that could facilitate the development of advanced digital applications with innovative data solutions for the modern enterprises. The focus will work to tokenize the data economy together with a payment and reward solution to incentive the contributors and users within the network.

The Exceed IO Blockchain-Based Data Management Solutions

Exceed IO indicates that its functionalities will work to eliminate these problems:

Ineffective Big Data Applications

While it’s true that we do live in the era of Big Data, increase in data without sequential improvement of the digital transactions is bringing an explosive rate of data consumption and generation. Exceed IO looks to eliminate this shortcoming by using Blockchain’s decentralized capabilities to improve on data management.

Data Monopolization

Data is also significant profit, and unfortunately few companies get to capitalize on the immense data market which leaves little options for comparable data resources. Again, blockchain decentralization could help solve this with Exceed IO presenting a new distributed structure to stifle innovation involving all data consumers and providers.


Blockchain immutability makes a key selling point in significantly reducing privacy invasion and breaches during data processing or transfer. Such technology could substantially save companies and clients the necessary revenue in seeking alternative secure data solutions.

The Exceed IO Ecosystem

  • Data Aggregation- the process will involve compiling and collecting the relevant information from static or dynamic data sources with the purpose to analyze, marketing and create insights from them.
  • Incentivized data management- Exceed IO ecosystem will reward users based on their data storage, contribution, and aggregation. This is in return to bringing valuable data to the network and denominating the use of Exceed Tokens (EXC)
  • Data retrieval and replication- retrieval consist of the process of obtaining information from the relevant sources by participants within the system. On the other hand, replication is the end process of copying a file from the central database into the client user end. Both these functionalities will offer the determination of information use.
  • File encryption and compression- There is the probability of data interference, and Exceed IO recognizes the need to have a single encryption process for high-risk file types.

Exceed IO Benefits

Most organizations and individuals lack the adequate infrastructure for their data solutions. Exceed IO wishes to present the following benefits with its revolutionary enterprise data solution:

  • Securing the data concerning advanced options for storage, retrieval, encryption, and compression.
  • Efficiency regarding data management by using blockchain technology
  • Effectiveness in compensating data consumers and creators
  • Creation of accurate insights which could be used to generate revenue
  • Give back data control to the users by eliminating the data monopoly firms offering a limited array of services at relatively high fees.

Exceed IO EXC Token ICO Details

  • Start Date: April 7th, 2018
  • End Date- August 17th, 2018
  • 1 ETH = 180,000 EXC

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol- EXC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Type- ERC-20
  • Token supply- 12,000,000,000 EXC
  • Price rate- 1 EXC= 0.000004 ETH
  • Amount for sale- 2,400,000,000 EXC
  • Soft cap- 3 000 ETH

Funds Distribution

  • Developers- 37.5%
  • Public crowd sale- 25%
  • Exceed IO Inc. – 22.5%
  • Community building- 12.5%

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