Currently, the demand of PCs is lower, compared to the demand for smartphones and tablets. However, smartphones and tablets cannot handle or support the content-rich tasks that are being carried out in the modern world such as Artificial Intelligence, automated transactions, Virtual and Augment reality. Exceedus aims at providing a solution to this problem by adopting the use of inactive computers’ power resources to provide the necessary power when need be.

What Is Exceedus?

Exceedus, as a project, seeks to contribute to the evolution of technology by utilizing computer resources such as underutilized CPUs and GPUs all around the world for high workloads. Blockchain technology and grid computing will power the project.

How Exceedus Blockchain Grid Computing Works

Using a dedicated tool such as a rendering engine, grid computing will become a reality. Other services that the platform will be able to offer using the available computers include analysis of large volume data, processing of Virtual and Augment Reality, Artificial Intelligence, search engines in a dispersed environment, and many more.

All transactions on the platform will be through the Ethereum-based EXCEEDUS token (EXCE), which is the platform’s only accepted means of payment. The blockchain basis of the platform will ensure secure and transparent transactions. Through paying of operating fees, using the tokens users will be able to access cross border grid computing. The platform will develop an API market where API designers will receive royalties in form of EXCE tokens.

Exceedus Practical Applications

Real world application of the platform includes:

Interior Design

The platform has the technology required in making Virtual Reality images and three dimension images. This allows users to check available property and even see a realistic image of it by setting it up with furniture and accessories. Users can purchase the products used in making the images using the EXCE tokens.

Professional designers or companies can earn income by selling the 3D or VR images made using the platform’s rendering technology to clients.


The platform will have a service that will enable optimization of automatic trading and testing on a distributed network, which can be applied in forex auto trading. It will create expert automated trading system advisor whose services will be beneficial to the trading company. Exceedus will integrate database that will result in the trading platform having a higher market share.

Exceedus Benefits

Cost Effective

Due to the ineffective use of VR and AR technology, rendering is quite expensive. Through its technology, Exceedus offers low cost rendering by using computers all around the world to their full capacity.


Users of the platform can make profits by renting out any inactive computer resources that they might have and currently not using.

Ease Of Use

Through the platform, users who might require the use or assistance of high powered or super computers can be able to do so using any devices easily.

Exceedus Coin EXCE Token ICO Details

About Exceedus ICO On EXCE:

  • Token Symbol: EXCE
  • Token Sale Start: May 2019
  • Total Supply: 100 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC20

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