The current digital advertising platform is riddled with problems that is hindering its growth and dominance over other forms of advertising. For instance, there is a transparency problem, ad fraud is commonplace, and slow payment processing hinders even the most efficient services. This is why EXCHAIN is leveraging the blockchain technology to disrupt the digital advertising industry.

EXCHAIN proudly proclaims itself a platform on which the digital advertising blockchain revolution is taking place. As a decentralized system based on blockchain, the advertising platform looks to overhaul the advertising ecosystem by introducing unprecedented levels of transparency in the way digital advertising is planned and executed.


The primary purpose of the EXCHAIN platform is to solve the major challenges in the digital advertising platform. The company behind the platform believes that a strong and continuously growing digital advertising market is only possible if the industry embraces cutting-edge technologies and tools. The most important features that make EXCHAIN stand out are:

It Is A Transparent System

Riding on a blockchain platform, EXCHAIN will bring full transparency to the digital advertising services. The decentralized application will completely revolutionize the digital advertising ecosystem by bringing the much-needed transparency to the amount spent on ads, the number of impressions, and verifiable figures at every stage of the ad chain.


It had gotten to a point where fraud had become an integral part of the digital advertising industry. The EXCHAIN platform is built to prevent fraudulent operations and scamming individuals who would otherwise use the platform to defraud internet users. The EXCHAIN ecosystem prevents fraudsters from gaining access to the platform’s revenue gateway.

Swift Transaction Execution:

The replacement of traditional paper-based transactions with digital-based smart contracts was long overdue. With the introduction of new payment and verification system, it means that money bureaucracy that has been a bottleneck to swift services in the digital advertising industry will have been eliminated.

  • Token Symbol: EXT
  • Token Private Sale Starts: 2nd April 2018 – 29th April 2018
  • Token Pre Sale: 7th May 2018 – 27th May 2018
  • Token Main Sale: 11th June 2018 – 24th June 2018
  • Token Price: 0.025 USD
  • Total Supply: 3 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD

Benefits Of The EXCHAIN Platform

According to the developers, the EXCHAIN platform is meticulously designed and built to be easily accessed and used by all stakeholders in the advertising industry. The system should also allow them to integrate the new blockchain platform into their existing systems and campaigns to maintain continuity and simplify the learning process.

Advertisers, publishers, and service providers can rely on the EXCHAIN system to eliminate fraud, speed up the rate of transactions and uploading content, and essentially motivate all the cogs in the digital advertising ecosystem to work efficiently.

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