The team that created ExchangeCoin (EXCC) has recently announced a new enterprise, the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange called Xult. The new platform will be powered by EXCC tokens and will offer a range of services for the clients. The team has already been working on this new platform for 3 months.

Xult will be a centralized exchange, which can be used alongside with the, the decentralized exchange that the team has already created and was the primary goal when EXCC was funded. Xult will have additional services for the users that the decentralized exchange does not. At the moment, the launch of the Xult exchange is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018.

How Will The Xult Platform Work?

The new platform will be operated based on the existing EXCC token and will be built on top of the EXCC blockchain. The token can be used to get exclusive services and to get privileges. It will also be listed as a trading pair on the platform. The EXCC blockchain was built using the Equihash algorithm and it was recently made more secure by using proof of work and proof of stake mechanisms.

Sylwester Szczepanek, the CEO of EXCC, affirmed that the team started to work on the centralized exchange some time ago and that they kept it a secret as the market is very competitive and they wanted to ensure that the project was ready before announcing it.

EXCC Has Been Evolving

This is just the latest of many EXCC news. The team has successfully implemented the new version of the tokens three weeks ago after performing a hard fork, which was made to introduce the new consensus algorithm.

The company has also released the new wallet Exilibrium recently, which can be used to stake EXCC tokens and help the ecosystem to work. The team has also released a bounty program in South Korea recently for promotional purposes and made a partnership with Pragmatic Coders, a highly reputable blockchain software house.

According to the CEO, the second quarter of 2018 made many changes for the company in business strategy, marketing and the development of new solutions and products.

The development of the platform sees the beta testing of the Xult platform during the third quarter of 2018 and the release of it along with the new version of until the end of the year. For 2019, there is a lot to come, including the first version of a “truly decentralized exchange platform” of which we do not have a lot of information right now.

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