eXer VIP Club

What Is eXer VIP Club?

The company is a lending platform that is an obvious scam and promises insane ROIs when people purchase the Virdi Tokens. They guarantee a return of 300% ROI, a common number in various scam companies that are being operated all over the internet, posed as cryptocurrency lending platforms.

How eXer VIP Club Cryptocurrency Mining MLM Works

The eXeR platform is operating as cryptocurrency company, but, is a dangerous scam Ponzi lending platform, with an affiliate referral system set in place. That is where the people in the company will be making money, there will be a small group of people, who bring others in – then they will rip them off and take the money that is stolen.

The affiliates have to pay a $499 EUR sign-up fee. And the fee is commissionable for people who bring new members into the system. It’s a bogus setup where the compensation structure only benefits the people at the top, who are probably a lot of the people who are listed further on in this review.

There is also a mining investment platform that will pay an additional 20% ROI, and again this goes to the people who refer the newest members. The mining percentages are paid out the same way as the affiliate commissions, which pretty much eliminates the potential for anyone new to make any money with the company. Which doesn’t matter anyway, because as far I have seen – no one gets paid out anyway.

eXer VIP Club ICO Details

There’s no ICO, but here are the projected numbers investors will get when buying and staking the tokens:

Viridi coin points are pre-generated by eXeR VIP Club’s admins and sold to affiliates for 0.1 EUR each.

  • 250 EUR package = 2500 Viridi coin points and a 750 EUR ROI
  • 500 EUR package = 5000 Viridi coin points and a 1500 EUR ROI
  • 1000 EUR package = 10,000 Viridi coin points and a 3000 EUR ROI
  • 2500 EUR package = 25,000 Viridi coin points and a 7500 EUR ROI
  • 5000 EUR package = 50,000 Viridi coin points and a 15,000 EUR ROI
  • 10,000 EUR package = 100,000 Viridi coin points and a 30,000 EUR ROI
  • 25,000 EUR package = 250,000 Viridi coin points and a 75,000 EUR ROI
  • 50,000 EUR package = 500,000 Viridi coin points and a 150,000 EUR ROI

Other than being used on the platform, the eXeR tokens are completely worthless.

Who Is Behind eXer VIP Club?

The VIP club for Exer has not info about who runs the company first and foremost. And the domain was privately registered back in May of 2017. There is another diagram on the website that allows us to assume the company behind the platform is eXeR Canaplu Ltd.

When looking further into it, it would seem that the business certificate for the company eXeR VIP Club’s website ‘s parent company Canaplus Ltd. was started in the British Virgin Islands back in December of 2017. There are diagrams that can be seen on the site as well, showing the parent company also operates another separate business that isn’t affiliated with the eXeR VIP Club. There is rumor and potential this is just a shell company, also being used for a cannabis-oriented pump and dump of sorts.

The parent company’s website was started on November 2nd of 2017. And the owner Daniel Pasetti of Fides Invest AG is the listed owner, and is declared to live in Moors, Liechtenstein. By all means, if all this doesn’t scream scam, I don’t know what does.

When you look up the address for the company through a Google Search, it shows there are multiple companies using slightly different P.O. Box Variants of the same address. And this indicates Fides Invest AG exists by name only in Liechtenstein.

And wen looking at the same diagram as mentioned before, Fides Invest AG is listed as a sister company of eXeR Canaplus Ltd.

Further research also shows the company is shady as can be. One report even has a clear statement from the company saying, “We also finance cars without bank. Even with prosecutions!”

And while this all happening, Daniel Passetti also owns a CanaPower KLG, company that was registered in Switzerland on October 5th, 2017.

Then, looking even further into it, you can see that Pasetti isn’t even the real name of the owner. His full name is Daniel Dragan Lorenz Pasetti, who is working with another citizen of Serbia in a partnership named Radovan Dokic.

From this it looks that there are also other people in the partnership who are unknown. Basically, there are a bunch of people, who when researching deeper into the company – all have shady backgrounds and are known to be scam MLM artists, even though they claim to be exceptional business developers.

For example, Dennies Petterson, one of the other suspected owners of the company who is staying silent, is a known scam artist from Sweden. And he is also associated with a dirty porn extortion scheme. While at the same time, in 2013 the authorities in Sweden estimated that Dennies multiple scams all over the world have run for ten years and collected over $119.2 million USD.

This is basically a scam MLM company that is presented as a cryptocurrency lending and affiliate platform that is being run by some of the industries greatest scam artists from all over the world.

eXer VIP Club Conclusion

The team is made up of known scammers, there are multiple income opportunities that are frowned upon in the cryptocurrency world. And the coin isn’t even built on blockchain technology. It’s a shady merchant company that has no web-activity and doesn’t even rank on Alexa. There is no telling where any money is actually coming from in the company, and any that actually does exist is questionable. That means, the only place money can come from is new investments like the people who being referred and then ripped off. No information provides proof on the promised 300% ROIs and it is because all of this, eXeR VIP is considered a complete scam to be avoided at all cost.

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