ExHasta is a blockchain technology that aims to provide decentralized innovation. Find out more about the platform and its upcoming ICO today in our review.

What is ExHasta?

ExHasta, found online at ExHasta.com, is a blockchain platform that aims to fund the development of “moonshot” projects.

“Moonshot” projects are high-risk, high-impact projects aimed at changing the world with breakthrough technology. When somebody talks about colonizing Mars, for example, that could be considered a moonshot project. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is another example of a moonshot project.

ExHasta aims to create a blockchain-based ecosystem that funds the development of new moonshot projects. That ecosystem will also allow participants to auction, sell, and freely distribute the intellectual property produced by those moonshot projects.

ExHasta is being developed by a company called Function(Core). That company creates its own moonshot projects. By creating the ExHasta ecosystem, they’re spreading their own intellectual property around the world, giving these extraordinary projects the best possible chance of achieving success.

How Does ExHasta Work?

There are two key parts of the ExHasta ecosystem, including Catalyst and Meridian.

ExHasta Catalyst

All intellectual property that ExHasta develops for its moonshot projects will be available on ExHasta Catalyst. That intellectual property could include designs, blueprints, source code, patents and trademark licenses, research documents, hardware specifications, deployment plans, timelines, budget estimates, contracts, team compositions, management structures, and more.

Catalyst users can purchase intellectual property from the marketplace to create their own version of a moonshot project.

Catalyst might feature a moonshot project involving the construction of a base on the moon, for example. Someone might believe they have a better idea for a moon-base, so they purchase intellectual property from that moonshot project to supplement their own project.

Some of the example concepts include “Project Mercury”, an AI-powered real-time public transit system that could change the future of public transit. Or, there’s also Project Oceanus, an ethical, high-transparency bank that incentivizes social spending and peer-to-peer micro-lending.

To be clear, all of the intellectual property featured on Catalyst will be created by Function(Core), which is the company behind ExHasta. This company is developing a variety of moonshot projects, and wants to spread their IP around the world to give those projects the best possible chance of success.

ExHasta Meridian

Meridian aims to bring together exceptional individuals “for an all-expense paid month to cultivate their skills through applied training sessions, mentorships, guest lectures, team shadowing, and workshops,” explains the official website.

Participants can connect 1 on 1 with the ExHasta team, corporate sponsors, and invited guest. The end result is “an exponential network of innovators” who can drive invention forward.

Applicants are ranked and reviewed by other platform users who receive a portion of the application fee in the form of EXH tokens. These tokens are rewarded in exchange for curating the top 20 applicants that will extend each session. All applicants to the Meridian – even those not selected to attend the retreat – will receive digital access to content from the session.

Who’s Behind ExHasta?

ExHasta is being created by a company called Function(Core). That company describes itself as “a transdisciplinary and international collective composed of scientists, musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, actors, architects, physicists, chemists, futurists, writers, and creative technologists.”

Some of the company’s previous clients have included NASA, Google, Yale, UnderArmor, BBC, Nike, and Kanye West.

Function(Core) has offices around the world, including pop-up offices in Bangkok, Toronto, Tokyo, Barcelona, and Dublin. The company was founded in 2016. Today, Function(Core)’s team is located around the world, and most collaboration is done remotely.

The ExHasta Token Sale

ExHasta is selling EXH tokens through its token sale. The price of an EXH token will be fixed on the first day of the pre-sale based on the ETH equivalent of $1 USD.

The crowdsale begins on October 27 and ends on November 24. A pre-sale takes place from October 19 to October 26.

Tokens can be used to purchase Moonshot project intellectual property on ExHasta Catalyst. You can also use tokens to apply to attend ExHasta Meridian, and access digital libraries, forums, and content.

Between December 2017 and June 2018, Function(Core) plans to begin and complete development on the Meridian and Catalyst platforms. Meridian is scheduled for release in February 2018, with Catalyst scheduled for June 2018.


Function(Core) is creating a blockchain-based ecosystem called ExHasta. That ecosystem will allow users to buy intellectual property for various moonshot projects created by Function(Core). The company is working on a variety of moonshot projects – including AI-powered public transit and a peer-to-peer micro-lending bank. By selling intellectual property from these projects to the world, Function(Core) aims to give these projects the best possible chance of success.

To learn more about ExHasta, or to participate in the EXH token sale, visit the platform online at ExHasta.com.

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