EXOCHAIN, PBC and LEA LABS have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive digital health platform.

While EXOCHAIN PBC is a US blockchain company developed by some of the brightest technical and legal minds. The EXO™ token will be a US-based, globally-compliant ERC20 token, LEA LABS is an end-to-end universal health record platform provider.

Their partnership brings together providers, patients and, ultimately their progeny, with the secure, critical data needed to optimize healthcare delivery and enhance access to the latest clinical research.

What the EXOCHAIN and LEA LABS partnership entails

EXOCHAIN CEO and co-founder Bob Stewart says the company helps to improve clinical outcomes and advance excellence in the design and implementation of clinical trials, by helping to have critical data readily available.

EXOCHAIN is also using its patent-pending LYNK™ protocol to provide the trust, accessibility and immutability of shared data that is critical to this mission.

Stewart adds that with the company's new partner LEA LABS, they have created an exceptional and easy-to-use, end-to-end health record platform to connect the care teams with the patient and the critical data in real time to promote best health outcomes and enable secure/lifetime and trans-generational medical record sharing.

On their part, LEA LABS said it is excited to be partnering with EXOCHAIN, according to its Co-CEO & Co-founder, Madhav Puvvena.

The company said its universal health record in conjunction with EXOCHAIN's Odentity management, enables a shared vision of a common blockchain platform that would accelerate the development of new therapies, improve the quality of life and productivity of patients.

The EXOCHAIN's Unique Technology

The EXOCHAIN technology provides protection of data, people and the organizations that contribute data with a new scoring system, Odentity™, a patent-pending, blockchain-based identity resolution engine that establishes a new standard for identity and access management by embracing federated, adjudicated identity and providing standing for intelligent, legal protections making smart contracts even smarter.

EXOCHAIN's mission critical approach to identity and access management addresses the current inability to effectively secure the sharing of identifying data in today's digital world. This technology has been developed to enable the safe sharing of data between individuals, across organizations and generations.

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