What Is Exolover?

ExoLover Pty Ltd is an Australian firm that develops high technology novelty devices that allow for users to remotely interact and share intimate sensations in privacy. The company’s ExoLover project is made up of a decentralized platform and innovative collection of sex toys that enable the users to experience the full range of sexual sensations and sexual intercourse alone or with other partners across the globe.

Exolover Devices Can Be Operated In Two Ways


The device can be operated in internal connection mode. This includes adult videos, audio content synchronization with the device via a platform for personal use and process management by the user specified program.


This is where the operation of the devices is external. Remote partners are connected to the platform. The innovative devices are synchronously connected to the platform and one user manages the process. The number of partners and choices of devices varies in line with the sexual preferences of the users.

The mission of the platform is to make the process of finding sexual partners fast, easy, and inexpensive. The platform also hopes users can find sexual satisfaction in the platform where they can feel safe and protected from violence in a comfortable place of their choice.

How Exolover Global Adult Interaction BlockchainWorks

Two users on the ExoLover platform will be able to find each other and start a relationship. They will connect using the EXO Tokens generating a smart contract.

The smart contract triggers an unbiased mathematical reward algorithm that determines the identity of the users connected to the platform and their rewards. The winner is also selected and receives 150% of the EXO Tokens they spend connecting to the ExoLover platform. The reward is gotten from the user reward fund. The reward is the proof of connect as it validates that the connection did happen and was real.

Proof of connect stimulates new cryptocurrency users to be part of the ExoLover platform to earn tokens and also provides a positive stimulus for early holders of the EXO Tokens who are able to get a 50% monetary gain on the EXO Token they hold.

Exolover Features

Decentralized Web Platform

The decentralization of the platform will enable interactions and anonymous connections as users enjoy fulfilling experiences without actual physical contact.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

The use of the crypto wallet ensures anonymity of the contacts the user registers on the platform

Proof Of Connect

This reward system rewards users in line with their frequency of participation and consistency of activity of generated EXO wallets.


The operation of basic devices imitates and reciprocates motions of different intensities.

Unrestricted Intimacy

The devices used are futuristic and imitate the process of sexual intercourse and the sensations accompanying this act including hugs, touching, and manual petting.

Preferred Look

Users can choose their preferred look once they create their account on the platform.

Exolover EXO Token ICO Details

The number of tokens that will be available for the crowdsale will be 700,000,000, which will be 70% of the total tokens. The minimum exchange will be 0.1 ETH. The initial token distribution will start on 29th June 2018.

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