Exotic Coin ICO (EXC Token)

Exotic Coins: Using Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Exotic Entertainment

Exotic coins (EXC) developed by CryptoStrip (CS) will be the first token to be used on any exotic dance clubs (EDC) as a form of payment. The tokens will be used on different payment methods including point of service systems that have wristbands, debit card, q-code or ATM machines. A person using the EXC tokens will be able to get all the services EDC has to offer including:

  • Verifying and deducting tokens from ones account by flashing a wristband in front of a POS machine
  • All token holders will have the option of getting a debit card through CS that will be used as a debit card. The token holders can only sell tokens and move the balance to their CS account where the debit card is registered to deduct payment from the account.
  • CS will install ATM machines at given locations. The ATMs will have the EXC digital signatures for the exchange of tokens for fiat currency or acceptance of a q-code
  • A person can get a q-code on their phone that they can present to an ATM or POS machine to receive direct payment for services offered or money to pay for services
  • The ATM and POS machines will be installed through an EDC contract with CS and each of the services will factor in the exchange rate for conversion in any nation along with converting EXC to fiat currency.

Proposed functions of the EXC tokens

The EXC token will be used for the following transactions:

Club contracts

CS will market EDC globally. Token holders will have the ability to use the tokens through the compact debit card or POS device. The establishments will have an electronic device that will connect to a device that the token will have in hand such as a wristband or a q-code provided by a mobile phone app. The two devices will pair up to get tokens from the token holder’s account and issue the tokens to the EDCs as a form of payment.

ATM machine

CS will have its own branded ATM machines at different EDC locations. The ATM will be a three-way machine and will allow for fiat to Bitcoin to EXC transactions.

Metal debit card

After the completion of the coin offer, every token holder will be offered a metal debit card that can be used for the purchase of drinks, food, exotic pole dances among other services.


CS will offer different products for sale such as physically made pens, handheld coins, hats, etc. the products will have the CS logo on them.

Cold wallets

Token holders will be able to send their tokens to an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My Ether Wallet or MetaMask.

Philanthropy projects

CS intends to conduct different philanthropic projects including providing college scholarships, water cans, sponsor adopted children, veterans, disabled children and organizations promoting women development among others.

Positive income investment opportunities

Token holders will have a chance to earn passive income from the company’s investment projects.

Token Sale

The EXC token value is equivalent to 1EXC=0.00025 ETH or $0.10. The minimum contributions expected from any investor is $100. The public sale will start on 23rd September and end on 27th October 2018.

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