Expedia Secretly Removes Bitcoin As Payment Option is Confirmed

The major giant travel web service Expedia has recently stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for all services, including flight and hotels. They officially told the announcement to Cointelegraph on June 27th.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed the end of the available payment option, stating “any inconvenience this may cause.” They failed tom mention as to the cancellation of the termination on both the website and their social media sites.

The community members took to Reddit in order to express their concern, despising the decision of the new unfortunate news. Following that, several alternatives to Expedia was made, like CheapAir travel service, who has been accepting BTC as a viable payment option since the beginning back in 2013.

Popular Reddit user bowiestar also noted other changes on how a majority of employees in the IT industry often get their paychecks fulfilled in cryptocurrency, also implying that the service will in time lose a large amount of their customers most likely.

“Expedia.com, one of the largest sites to book flights/hotels on used to take Bitcoin for years… I went on there to look at flights and noticed they no longer accept it. Customer support said they stopped accepting it June 10… A lot of us in the tech industry get a portion of our salary in Bitcoin and it was really good to use Expedia for flights. I won’t be using them anymore!”

As coin telegraph noted earlier this year, cryptocurrency has a tendency to be extremely volatile – and apparently markets do not hold the power they suppose to scare industry insiders from choosing to pay with cryptocurrency. Often times even making the choice to receive their entire salaries paid out in Bitcoin.

Expedia made the first announcement that it would accept Bitcoin as a payment option back in June of 2014. This happened when the company teamed up with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Many members of the community made the suggestion that the cancelation of accepting BTC was due to the decision made by Coinbase to stop all custodial solutions for merchant services entirely, which would no doubt lead to making payments with Bitcoin much harder than desired. Expedia has also mentioned their competitor CheapAir also switched to BitPay due to this exact reason.

In another open letter to other customers asking for information on possible solutions for merhcants, CheapAir CEO Jeff Klee made the statement on the company that they wanted a “reliable processing partner” so they could easily accept payments in BCH (Bitcoin Cash), Dash and LTC (Litecoin), along with Bitcoin.

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