Expercoin is the product of Harvard Innovation Lab. It champions the aim of creating a platform that will enable its users to launch their own marketplaces and learning communities that are decentralized and powered by Artificial Intelligence. The marketplaces are identified as republics. The republics are built on front-end application and protocol layer, which make them flexible and autonomous.

Expercoin Objectives

The platform aims at allowing everyone to be able to create specialized communities, which will have marketplaces for obtaining training, assessments, job opportunities, and even mentorship programmes.

Expercoin was created in efforts to solve some of the major challenges facing the traditional education-to-employment system, which include high unemployment and underemployment levels, lack of people with critical job skills, and the continuous requirement for up-skilling due to the change in the nature of work. The republics will be used to solve these problems. The republics can be launched by anyone and start generating revenue immediately. They are made of six pillars

  1. Learning marketplace – Courses that are offered are listed here. Interactive Games can also be listed in order to promote learning experiences within that area of expertise.
  2. Job marketplace –Employers can post opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, short term and long-term jobs or contracts in the republics’ specialization area.
  3. Mentorship marketplace -Students or corporate employees can hire mentors to help them on technical and non-technical topics.
  4. Assessment platform – Employers can use this platform to help them during the recruitment process by screening candidates. They can also use the platform to verify credentials and certifications.
  5. Corporate academy – This interface allows companies to understand the level of engagement in the courses and completion rates by their employees. The companies can also purchase learning content and subscriptions for their employees.
  6. Financial aid marketplace – Students can request for tuition assistance on this platform. The lender will then pay on behalf of the student to content creator.

expercoin home page

Accepted Token

The platform’s utility token will be known as Expercoin. It will operate on the Ethereum blockchain with an ERC-223 standard. It will be ideal for all the transactions within the Republics and interacting with other digital services within or outside the ecosystem. Transactions and storing of the coins is through the wallets, which are easy to use.

Why Invest In Expercoin?


With blockchain technology, it eliminates intermediaries from the transaction, which prevents fraudulent individuals and transactions.

The transactions will use a deposit-challenge-vote process whereby anyone selling on the platform will be required to deposit Expercoin tokens. Once the transaction is confirmed to be genuine, the tokens will be returned.


The platform is decentralized, which means that no one person or group of individuals control the platform. Token holders can vote on matters concerning future projects or launch of Republics.


Users of the platform can use the tokens as incentives to promote participation in their republics.

Cross Border Payments

The token will provide users with a seamless payment mechanism that is fast and not costly compared to other payment methods. The transaction fees will also be lower.

Financial Aid

Through the Peer-to-peer lending system, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds can receive an education.

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