Explorio ICO (EPL Token) Review:

What Is Explorio?

Explorio has a vision of inspiring and empowering millions to travel globally. The creators of this project believe that it will bring diversity, accuracy, and authenticity to the online travel reviews. To achieve this, they will utilize the blockchain.

Current Problems Explorio Seeks To Solve

Right now, there is a lack of quality, integrity, and user rewards on travel review platforms. Today, content contributors are not paid for spending millions of hours to write reviews. Besides that, the centralized control means the experience is not passed on to help eliminate low-quality content. Besides that, some of the reviews are not genuine, which lowers user trust.

The Explorio Solution

This platform is going to create incentivized content creation and curation. They will utilize the model that has already been adopted by Steem and adapt it to the travel sector. A user will simply submit content and the content will be reviewed. The users on the platform will then vote on content based on how helpful it is.

Based on how many upvotes a user gets for content, they will be rewarded in tokens. The tokens on Explorio will be used as utilities to incentivize answers to questions and much more. Besides that, the tokens can be used to make purchases of various services and goods.

How Explorio Decentralized Travel Reviews Platform Works

The platform will use four main avenues to make money. First, they will allow users book hotels, flights, and guided tours via the platform. The platform will then collect a fee from the bookings. Besides that, they will let users spend tokens by boosting the reviews of a given place. Thirdly, they will let users spend the tokens to incentivize answers to travel-related questions. Forth, they will allow users to purchase and sell premium content on the digital marketplace.

Explorio EPL Token ICO Details

The Explorio ICO will run on the Ethereum blockchain. They chose Ethereum because of the smart contracts, stability, and popularity in ICOs. The token will be called the XPL token.

The tokens are utility tokens that let token holders use them on the Explorio platform. These tokens are not securities and they do not offer ownership or any dividends. There is only going to be one ICO, which will be hosted on the Exploia site.

  • The price of the tokens is 1ETH=19,104 XPL
  • Immediately the crowdsale ends, tokens will be sent to buyers
  • The public ICO will take place in seven waves
  • There will be 500,000,000 tokens sold in the seven waves
  • Soft Cap is set at 3,350 ETH
  • The hard cap is set at 20,000 ETH
  • If there are any unsold tokens at the end of the sale, they will be burned.
  • The tokens are ERC20 standard tokens.
  • The maximum investment per person is set at 500 ETH
  • The minimum investment is set at 0.1 ETH
  • All participants are subject to the KYC rules
  • You will require an Ethereum compatible wallet to be part of the ICO
  • The XPL tokens will remain locked for the ICO period

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