Expread EXC Token Review

Expread is building a scalable, white-label crypto exchange solution. Find out how the platform works today in our review.

What is Expread EXC?

Expread EXC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Customers can white-label and use the platform on their own cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company’s official website, Expread.io, claims that they’re “the first white label crypto-exchanges provider in the market.” It’s unclear where Expread gets that claim, as there are plenty of other providers on the market today.

In any case, Expread emphasizes benefits like aggregated liquidity, multi-party signature verification, and decentralized interactions between exchanges. Basically, it connects multiple exchanges with each other so they can all access the same liquidity, the same trading engine, and the same order book – similar to how most white-label crypto exchange solutions work.

The beta version of the platform is expected to launch in Q1 2018, with a public crowdsale taking place soon after.

How Does Expread EXC Work?

Expread is a hybrid exchange that takes features from centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The white-label solution has aggregated liquidity pools, for example. It uses centralized technology for its high scalability, low transaction costs, and fast trade execution, but uses decentralized technology to avoid having a centralized pool of capital that hackers could attack.

Through this system, Expread aims to solve some of the common problems with existing centralized and decentralized exchanges. Today, centralized exchanges are often the victims of hacking attacks because they have a single point of failure, for example. Meanwhile, decentralized exchanges suffer from problems like high transaction costs and slow trade times.

Ultimately, to create this hybrid model, Expread offers its white-label solution to a network of decentralized exchanges, then maintains a centralized order book and trading engine.

Features of Expread

Expread emphasizes all of the following core features:

Cryptocurrency Exchange White Labels:

Expread claims to be the first white label crypto exchange provider on the market, although there are a number of other providers in the space as well.

Aggregated Liquidity & Network Effect:

Expread aggregates liquidity between all of its exchanges, which means new exchanges can rely on an existing pool of liquidity.

Decentralized Interactions Between Exchanges:

Expread facilitates decentralized interactions between different exchanges. Different exchanges can access the same order book, for example, which means trades are completely more quickly – even on exchanges with low trading volume. All white-labeled exchanges in the Expread network access the same trading engine and order book.

Multi-Party Signature Security System:

Expread supports multi-signature addresses, which means you can setup accounts to require multiple signatures before sending or withdrawing funds.

How to Open an Exchange with Expread

The benefit of a white-label exchange solution like Expread is that it allows anyone to open an exchange. If you want to open your own exchange built on the Expread platform, then this is the process you’ll use:

  • You send an application package to the Expread Foundation
  • Expread performs “due diligence” in order to “determine the validity of application”
  • The application is approved or denied
  • Expread provides the setup timeline and dates for technical execution of the platform
  • The white-label solution is branded, and cloud connections and on-chain settlement protocols are established
  • Expread activates the exchange’s connection to the ecosystem, and the exchange can begin accessing the Expread order book and liquidity pool

Who’s Behind the Expread EXC Token?

Listed Expread team members include Leo Liu (CEO and Co-Founder), Tamar Menteshashvili (Business Development and Co-Founder), Carlos Gao (Head of Product and Co-Founder), Water Dong (CIO and Head of Technical Team), and Josh Shen (CTO and System Architect).

The company is headquartered in Georgia.

The team members appear to be legitimate. The co-founders LinkedIn profile can be seen here, for example. The company has also been featured on Forbes Georgia.

The company plans to release a beta version of its platform in Q1 2018.

Expread EXC Token Conclusion

Expread is a white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to offer a hybrid centralized/decentralized exchange infrastructure. The platform allows anyone to create and white-label their own exchange, then depend on a centralized order book and trading engine.

To learn more about Expread and how it works, visit online today at Expread.io. The platform is planning to launch its beta version in Q1 2018, with a crowdsale coming soon after.

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