There is growing interest in cryptocurrencies in recent months due to the meteoric rise of the Bitcoin. As a result of this, there are many new online exchanges popping up, all of whom offer users with exciting exchange rates. However, it should be made clear that before signing up for any of these services, users should do a careful background check of these setups so as to ensure that their money is not in jeopardy.

About Exrates

Exrates is an actively-growing ‘exchange platform’ that is aimed to create digital trading more easy and accessible for newer investors. Using its intuitive AI, the system is able to guide newer customers with ease, and helps them make balanced trades from the get go. Other important features of Exrates include:

(i) Minimum commission:

When compared to fiat exchanges (or even some digital marketplaces), this exchange takes a ‘low commission’ for all of its services. Not only that, all trades and transfers are executed immediately as soon as the request is made.

(ii) Maximum security:

In order to protect data within the blockchain, this platform has been designed to be free of any ‘Potential errors’. Through the use of ‘advanced cryptic algorithms’, Exrates is able to ward of any 3rd party threats that could potentially harm the data storage security mechanisms that have been put in place.

(iii) Ease of Use:

In order to make trading easy, user opinions have been taken into consideration and a highly intuitive interface has been created. All of the ‘industry terminology’ has been clearly defined, thereby allowing a user to make smart and accurate decisions.

(iv) Adaptive:

The algorithms used to filter out ‘lucrative trade deals’ make use of datasets that are up to date, and in conjunction with how the current market situation is. As a result of this, users are offered some of the best trades available in the market at that given point.

Other Beneficial Aspects To Consider Regarding Exrates

(i) Flexible Currency Options:

Unlike most crypto exchanges that only provide a possibility to trade in currencies such as BTC, ETH etc, Exrates provides investors with an opportunity to make use other unique assets such as EDRCoin. Lastly, in order to make these trades, users can exchange USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, IDR to cryptocurrency.

(ii) Easy Transfers:

Making money transfers is made easy via the use of this platform. In order to send/receive any amount of money, all one needs to do is know the receivers “online nickname”, and a transaction can be carried out within a matter of seconds.

(iii) 24/7 Support Available:

There is a dedicated helpline that is available to users anytime of the day. These professionals are from the field of e-finance, and are there to alleviate any doubts or concerns that we might have in relation to this platform.

(iv) Multi Language Support:

Apart from english, there are many other languages that can also be used to operate this platform.

How Do I Sign Up For Exrates?

All interested customers can sign up for free by simply visiting the webpage. Registration is quick and easy, and all we have to do is supply our personal details along with some legal id’s. The process should take less than 10 minutes.


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  1. My exrates account is currently disabled and has been for about 5 days almost immediately after I transferred about $20k of ether into that account. I tried chatting every day with them. They keep telling me to check again tomorrow. I tried their support number and only get a fax modem screeching sound. I finally sent a message to their support email. We will see if that actually works. I think they are Armenian. I think that $20k may be gone.


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